MC Bravado- Wasted Talent Podcast


MC Bravado sits down with Jonesy “The Podfather” to discuss his career how he survived amid the Covid19 pandemic and we also nerd out on Hip-Hop you cant miss this!

Richard Croce was born in White Plains, New York. He released his first album “Dope Perspective” which was a collaborative release featuring fellow rapper C-Nature in 2011.[3] MC Bravado followed up the next year in 2012 by releasing his debut solo album “The Illy-Ad”.[4] In 2014 he released his first solo EP “Walk The Line”.[5] MC Bravado gained national attention for his first collaborative single “Unfiltered” in 2017.[6][7][8] That same year, MC Bravado followed with the releases of singles “This Is Gold” feat. OnCue & “Go WestBrook”.[9][10][11]Both singles were featured on his second album “Hip-Hop” also released in 2017.[12]

In 2018, MC Bravado released his 3rd studio album “Like Water For Hangovers”.[13][14] The following year in 2019, MC Bravado released his critically acclaimed XEMIR(Remix EP).[15]In March 2020, MC Bravado released his latest single “Dirty 30”.[16] Outside of his rap career, MC Bravado is also a teacher in Baltimore, Maryland.[17][18][19] check out mc bravado out here……

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