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In a world full of censorship and propaganda, authenticity is hard to find. We need to hear real stories from real men who aren’t afraid to speak. Men of Order is an open community for sharing ideas, building relationships, and empowering men to be the leaders and creators they are meant to be—Men of Order.

Our mission is to create a network of collaborators that help each other make the most of their unique talents and personalities. Here, we take loneliness, frustration, and seclusion, and transform it into connections, synergy, and opportunity.

We realize that everyone has a different story and everyone is fighting their own battle. Our unique platform is where subscribers can engage, participate, and create content that others can discover and connect with. Iron sharpens iron and the only way to bring order to this chaos is for men to be men again. And to do so without fear and without reservation.

Men of Order focuses on: Sports, Culture, Money, and Health. Our team provides written articles and podcasts for our featured guests. We will introduce subscribers to different voices and perspectives with interviews, book and article reviews, and enhance content based on subscriber recommendations and feedback.

Join the Men of Order and become the leader you were born to be.

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₿een Told You: Crypto Slang

FOMO, REKT, FUD….Oh my! We break down the common terms you’ve seen or heard from fellow crypto enthusiasts. If you have read any Tweets from “crypto Twitter” or yours truly,

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How to Invest in Dividend Stocks

If you are looking to generate passive income and build wealth, but don’t know where to begin, then dividend investing is a great place for you to start. The dividend

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What is a 51% Attack?

In May of 2018, Bitcoin Gold, at the time the 26th-largest cryptocurrency, suffered a 51% attack. The malicious actors controlled a vast amount of Bitcoin Gold’s hash power, eventually stealing

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The Friendzone–4 Ways to Escape!

Escaping the friendzone. This simple search was the beginning of my journey. It’s something that we all want to figure out as budding red pillers. And while the true masculine

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