The Truth About Your Mind

looking through an eye into the mind

The mind is our most beautiful asset.

A pet peeve of mine is hearing about the fallacies of the human mind.

It seems like every day someone is disparaging the capability of our greatest faculty.

The mind is our greatest weapon.

People try to reduce the mind to nothing more than a crappy “pattern recognition software.” Some say humans like to be lazy and unintelligent. Today’s commie scientists regard human beings as mere animals.

These viewpoints come from the philosophy of materialism – the philosophy of communists! It says that the only reality is matter.

The science commies believe that the essence of what makes you, you, is just a bunch of swirling chemicals and neurons firing in a lumpy gray mass.

There may be some bliss in ignorance, but there is also ignorance in cynicism.

And what twisted bliss is it for the cynical adherents of materialism to tell us – us who strive – that we must be confined to the limitations of some inherently flawed animal mind?

So – here’s an ode to the mind! Your mind.

Some things your mind can do:

Seems to have infinite storage of memory.

Stores ideas, opinions and conclusions connected with those memories.

Cross-references every thought, memory, opinion, idea, conclusion, etc. by subject, personnel, event type, each individual perception, similar events, movies you’ve seen, songs you’ve heard, etc… the filing system is truly astounding! And you can re-tab and create new tabs whenever you want.

It can re-arrange past memories and combine them with present ideas to imagine a future.

You can construct future moments and play out scenarios by combining both past knowledge and imagination.

Can analyze any past thought, decision or action for accuracy and self-tune or self-calibrate to prevent undesired future outcomes.

Can “dress itself up” in the thoughts, opinions and ideas of another mind entirely. Then it can think, opine and act “as that mind would” – and then it can instantly revert back to itself.

The mind can update its own framework, change its past conclusions, re-evaluate past decisions and thereby create new algorithms for the future.

It can apply these new thought patterns to past events and estimate what would have happened.

Can analyze what it thought, what it did, what happened and adjust its behavior accordingly.

The mind provides itself with estimations of the future and options for courses of action, then make decisions based on desired outcomes weighted against a learned or chosen value system.

It can override and regulate otherwise automated body functions such as breathing and reflexes.

It can overcome the inertia of the physical body.

Through the invention of language and writing, the mind can selectively draw upon all the wisdom ever recorded and plug this knowledge into its own “calculations” or to enhance or create its own unique framework – or completely rebuild its existing framework and world view.

It can learn through observed action as well as own experience and combine these into unique thought patterns and logical processes.

Your mind can direct the body to realize in the world what only exists as imagination.

It’s portable.

But that’s not all your mind can do

Honestly, this list only scratches the surface. We didn’t even get into the mind’s capacity for art creation, or it’s ability to dream up new worlds entirely.

There is no greater white pill than realizing the full potential of the rational mind you have been gifted. Even better – you always seem to be capable of more than you even thought possible.

Your mind is your most beautiful asset. Do something great with it!

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