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3 Reasons Why You Use to Learn Linux

3 Reasons Why You Need to Use Linux OS

You probably already know a lot about Windows and macOS. Add a third OS to your arsenal. Here are a few reasons why you should use Linux OS. 1. It’s Easy to Access With every Windows or macOS update, computers can slow down or even be obsolete. Older models might not have the hardware to

The Energetic Power of Words

Watch Your Words! “In the beginning was the Word…and the Word was God.” JOHN 1:1 There it is…the first line of John 1:1 in the

What Is A Hero?

Into the fire because the frying pan wasn’t hot enough Tireless, thankless work is certainly not uncommon. But when a man recognizes something that needs


The Ethereum Merge For Dummies

Ethereum, the second biggest blockchain by market cap, just underwent one of the biggest changes to ever take place for a blockchain. For many in

Top Blue Collar Careers

In today’s world, a white-collar job isn’t the only way to bring home a big paycheck. Many people are shocked when they learn how much


Red Pill Rage

A bunch of dorks running around saying the same negative things. From the thought leaders to the followers, is reeks of incel behavior. Taking the


The Law of Belief

“The law of life is the law of belief.” Joseph Murphy Identifying Your Beliefs What are your beliefs? This is probably the most important question

Fortify Your Mind

How to Keep Your Focus In a World of Distractions We have so many leaks in the boat of our minds… As soon as we


sports gambling

The NFL’s 180 On Sports Gambling

The NFL has done a complete 180 on sports gambling in recent years, but were they ever REALLY against it? The NFL Loves Sports Gambling?!


5 Simple MacBook Tips and Tricks

5 MacBook Tips and Tricks

Let’s look at some MacBook tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your computer, without having to install anything. 1.

5 Easy Search Engine Hacks

5 Easy Search Engine Hacks

Sometimes, when searching for something on Google, Brave, DuckDuckGo, etc., there can be too many results to filter from. Here are some easy ways to


Matrix Green Characters Screen

Slaves to Big Tech Algorithms

Big tech algorithms rule the day. There are two obvious groups affected by the algorithms. Content consumers and content creators. Consumer Algorithm Slaves You, the


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