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In a world full of censorship and propaganda, authenticity is hard to find. We need to hear real stories from real men who aren’t afraid to speak. Men of Order is an open community for sharing ideas, building relationships, and empowering men to be the leaders and creators they are meant to be—Men of Order.

Our mission is to create a network of collaborators that help each other make the most of their unique talents and personalities. Here, we take loneliness, frustration, and seclusion, and transform it into connections, synergy, and opportunity.

We realize that everyone has a different story and everyone is fighting their own battle. Our unique platform is where subscribers can engage, participate, and create content that others can discover and connect with. Iron sharpens iron and the only way to bring order to this chaos is for men to be men again. And to do so without fear and without reservation.

Men of Order focuses on: Sports, Culture, Money, and Health. Our team provides written articles and podcasts for our featured guests. We will introduce subscribers to different voices and perspectives with interviews, book and article reviews, and enhance content based on subscriber recommendations and feedback.

Join the Men of Order and become the leader you were born to be.

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Shut up and rap! Nicki Minaj

It’s all fun and games until you say something real… Nicki Minaj has never been confused as an activist or a spokesperson on social issues. At the beginning of the

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organized crime bootleggers nascar

How Bootleggers Birthed NASCAR

In 1920, the United States made it illegal to produce, import, transport or sell alcoholic beverages. This was known as prohibition & it lasted until 1933. Not only did this

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Clearing Your Digital Footprint

The average person would be surprised how much information about them is out there in the open. The more active we are on the Internet, the larger our digital footprint

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Winners, Losers, and Decisions

Below is an open letter. Walking the unbeaten path, people you know and love will attempt to hold you back from achieving your destiny. I post this for those who

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Mental Health

Mandate SZN Part 2

The mandates continue to run wild further exposing the inner character of humans. Part one discussed more the observational side of the mandates. This part we will look at the

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Mandate SZN Part 1

Welcome to mandate season! There were 3 occurrences in my early life that made me realize what I was told/taught, and what was reality, were not congruent. 3rd Grade: realizing

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