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FLOW™ - Cognitive Support

FLOW™ - Cognitive Support

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100% Herbal High Quality Ingredients
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Our experts have assembled a 100% herbal mix of 11 ingredients that assist cognitive health - we call it FLOW™.

Formulated to support your natural mental flow, concentration and focus during daily life:

🔎 Memory Retention

🧠 Brain Health

☀️ Mood & Wellbeing

⚡️ Energy Levels

🦠 Gut Health

Each bottle includes 90 vegan capsules filled with our expert blended herbal formula delivered to your door every 30 days.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Joseph Brown
    Brain block begone!

    After two weeks of using Flow and Apex combined, I am genuinely impressed with my attitude, drive and my attention. I have returned to working out and I am less stressed when contemplating life's challenges and its all thanks to Flow/Apex. Hotep and build!

    Fantastic! Keep going!

    Evan Baum
    You're mind is a palace, make it impregnable.

    Whether on the streets of X or IRL you need to be sharp. Your mind is a palace, make it impregnable. Flow is that keystone for your verbal jiu jitsu. Be prepared, be Hotep.

    Arthur Daniel

    5 STARS

    Divine Devon
    Elite Holistic Product

    Definitely one of the best products I’ve had. Truly helps get through the day to day work especially if you’re on the computer all day. Best to utilize when you start your day, helps with organizing and puts you in a productive state when you’re flowing


    Being a full time father/husband/business owner/9-5er means a lot of moving parts and I gotta be in optimal shape. Mental and physical. The sustained mental clarity, focus, is great. And with no jittery or anxious feelings. I’ve been locking in at work, home , gym like I need to. Closest I ever had to a Senzu bean.

    Do you see the major impact loss of focus and mental acuity is having on our society?

    Here’s what we see: 

    You have a conversation - you see the other person with eyes glazed over.

    You both feel and hear the rings of your social media feeds begging for your attention.

    You go from one screen in your hand in the morning, to two screens during the day, to a giant screen at night. 

    You’ve gone through your day… but did you live it?

    Meanwhile, our families, societies and environments are deteriorating because we’ve given away our most valuable resource, for free, to people battling to take advantage of us.

    No more.

    It is our mission to give back people’s focus so they can self-actualize into the life they desire.

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    Focused Answers to Questions

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    What is a nootropic?

    If you've ever had a cup of coffee, you've had a nootropic. The active nootropic in that case is caffeine.

    Nootropics can be loosely described as "brain enhancers."

    What are the ingredients in FLOW™?

    FLOW™ has a special formula of herbs and mushrooms that includes Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola Leaf, Bacopa Monnieri, Rosemary Leaf, Holy Thistle, Ashwagandha Root, Kola Nut, Holy Basil Leaf, Kappi-kacchu, Blue Butterfly Pea, and Lion's Mane.

    Are there any filler ingredients?

    We do NOT add any filler ingredients in our formula. Many brands do for various reasons which do not lend any benefit for brain health. We ONLY include the best ingredients which include nothing but herbs and mushrooms.

    What is the FLOW™ recommended dosage?

    For best results take three (3) capsules with water 5 minutes before or after a meal.

    How long does it take to work?

    The effectiveness of FLOW™ depends on
    your body chemisty. Some individuals are healthier than others so they will feel the effects sooner and deeper. Some claim to feel improvements immediately.

    FLOW™ uses herbs that will support gut health. Some professionals have referred to the gut as the "second
    brain." And supporting the gut promotes your ability to think.

    Our formula also promotes antioxidant processes.

    FLOW supports better memory, focus, mood, mental speed, and overall brain function.

    How does FLOW™ work?

    One of our ingredients (Bacopa monnieri) promotes the growth of nerve cell branches (dendrites).

    This supports your brain in processing information faster.

    To improve your mood our formula promotes the activity of
    neurotransmitters known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and support overall blood circulation.

    By supporting your central nervous system you may experience increased alertness and a boost in energy levels.

    Are there any side effects?

    FLOW™ facilitates healthy blood flow so men may experience and increase in their libido.

    Where and how is FLOW™ manufactured?

    FLOW™ capsules are made and sourced in the USA.

    Our ingredients are pure, containing only COA (Certificate of Analysis) organic and/or wild crafted herbs. 

    FLOW™ manufacturing is CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant, ensuring its safety and quality.

    Are the capsules vegan?

    Our product is 100% Vegan, made without gluten, soy, eggs, nuts, or wheat. Our capsules are HPMC Vegetable Cellulose.

    Why are you more expensive than other brands?

    Many of the brands you see in the nootropics market use cheap and/or filler ingredients in their formula.

    FLOW™ has no fillers. Each capsule is filled with 100% premium herbs and mushroom from organic and wild sources.

    We have included nothing but the best earth has to offer to ensure the quality of your health and brain.

    The Ingredients


    • Ginko Biloba

      Researchers believe that Ginko Biloba promotes cognitive function by supporting good blood circulation in the brain.*

    • Holy Thistle

      Holy thistle contains chemicals called tannins, which
      help alleviate diarrhea, cough, and swelling. People use Holy Thistle to maintain healthy digestion.*

    • Kapikacchu

      Research shows the L-dopa in Kapikacchu supports the maintenance of
      dopamine in the brain cortex. This can have many beneficial effects on
      mental and physical wellbeing.*

    • Blue Butterfly Pea

      Several studies have indicated that blue butterfly pea supports
      acetylcholine levels in the brain. Acetylcholine is essential for good
      brain health.*

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    • Lion's Mane

      Research on the health benefits of lion's mane indicates the mushroom has significant potential to promote neurogenesis - the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain.*

    • Holy Basil

      Holy basil is a calming adaptogen, which means it can mitigate the feelings of of stress on the body by inducing relaxation while providing a sustainable, lasting energy.*

    • Ashwagandha

      Ashwagandha is best known for its ability to reduce stress. It’s classified as an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body cope with stress.*

    • Rosemary Leaf

      Rosemary can soothe temporary heartburn and ease occasional intestinal gas and bloating.*

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    • Bacopa Monnieri

      Studies have shown that Bacopa monnieri promotes signaling molecules implicated in the formation of synapses, the points of contact where information is transmitted between neurons.*

    • Gotu Kola Leaf

      According to one review of studies, gotu kola may help support the functioning of the brain and nervous system, support memory, and promotes healthy aging.*

    • Kola Nut

      The kola nut is a cultural staple in many West African countries, prized for its support of the central nervous system, which increases alertness and boosts energy levels.*

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