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The Top 3 Alternatives to Gmail

The Top 3 Alternatives to Gmail

Gmail is the go-to email service for billions of people. It’s free, easy to use, and has a ton of bonus features. But it’s not very private. Your data is shared with third parties with every email you send in Gmail. Let’s look at some alternatives. Protonmail Protonmail is one of the most popular alternatives

infant drinking an emergency baby formula alternative

Emergency Baby Formula Alternatives

Disclaimer: This is not medical or nutritional advice. The FDA does not approve this message. All experts worthy of the New York Times disagree with


5 Money Mistakes to Avoid

It is said that over 50% of Americans have some kind of financial problem. This high number is due to the money mistakes that too

The 50/30/20 Budget Rule

No matter if you are rich or poor, it is necessary to have a budget in order to have a successful financial future. Having a


The Manosphere: The Toxic Three Rs

It wasn’t always the toxic male space it currently projects itself as. As young men discovered the morals and ethics of their adolescence were lies,


Identifying The Enemy Of Success

You have plans. Goals. Aspirations. You lie awake at night thinking about the details. Sitting in traffic you make mental notes about what to do


Tyson Fury’s Final Fight?

“The Gypsy King” is set to defend his crown against “The Body Snatcher” on Saturday Night. “I’m walking away”, win, lose or draw. Tyson Fury

Stipe Miocic vs. Jon Jones?

With Heavyweight Champ Francis Ngannou sidelined until next year, Stipe Miocic vs. Jon Jones for the Interim strap is a REAL possibility. Interim Title? The

baseline layup basketball

Being a Good Dad Coach

Raising a man is challenging and rewarding. The human you raise is raising you too. You can learn a lot from kids if you allow


the top 3 private operating systems

The Top 3 Private Operating Systems

Windows and macOS are the most common operating systems. But they love sharing your data with third parties. Just because things are familiar, doesn’t mean

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

After going back and forth with Twitter’s board, Elon Musk has finally bought the social media network. A deal is expected to be officially announced


Return Of Trump Twitter?

Elon Musk says he’d bring back the Twitter account of President Donald Trump once his acquisition of the social media giant is complete. Trump Twitter

Permaculture Thinking

The simple backyard chicken provides some insight into what permaculture thinking is and how you can use it change your life. The backyard chicken, in


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