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buffalo bills defense

Fantasy Edge: Top 7 Fantasy Defenses

The phrase “Defense Wins Championships” has been used throughout the history of Football. However, the catchy remark usually doesn’t apply to Fantasy Football. Nonetheless, having a defense that you can rely on to give you consistent and easy points is taken for granted. Here are seven NFL Defenses that will give you a Fantasy Edge. 

Make an Extra $5000 this Year

52 Week Money Challenge Are you looking to make some extra money this year? Well, the 52-week money challenge will be able to help you

3 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow

3 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow

Let’s look at three common reasons why computers slow down, and some ways to get some better performance out of them. Your Computer is Always


Is This Harshest Crypto Winter Yet?

The crypto winter of 2022 has come on stronger than anyone anticipated and nowhere has that been more apparent than the total meltdown that happened


Red Pill Rage

A bunch of dorks running around saying the same negative things. From the thought leaders to the followers, is reeks of incel behavior. Taking the


cigar success

D 3 Most Important Words to Your Success

What is success? Success is subjective. For some, it’s financial freedom. For others, like myself, it’s time freedom. You must define success for yourself. Where

Kobe Bryant Mural

3 Gems Kobe Bryant Left for You

If you want to be a winner, listen to winners. Most people listen to the equivalent of a chicken coop audio feed. They fill their


fantasy edge

Fantasy Edge: Rookie Quarterbacks

With only one Rookie Quarterback selected in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft, rookies at QB will be underwhelming for fantasy owners. But

fantasy edge

Fantasy Edge: Rookie Wide Receivers

Ja’marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Jaylen Waddle were all rookie wide receivers who made a fantasy splash upon entering the league. This year’s 2022 Draft


The 3 Best Ways to Protect Your Passwords

The 3 Best Ways to Protect Your Passwords

Password management may seem like a pain, but it’s necessary. Let’s look at some simple, but effective ways to protect your passwords. Password Requirements Your

The Top 3 Antivirus Software

The Top 3 Antivirus Software

Antivirus clients should be affordable, easy to use, and light on resources. Let’s look at some antivirus software you can download on your computer to


Honor Your Father

This week is a significant and bitter-sweet one for the men in my family. It’s Father’s Day weekend, but it is so much more for

How To Ride A Bike

I thought about writing an article on how to ride a bike, but I figured that was too easy. So I had my 13-year-old write


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