5 Ways Tantra Will Enhance Your Life

5 Ways Tantra Will Enhance Your Life

Sex and Beyond

Tantra has been rapidly growing in the consciousness of the Western World in the last few years, and for good reason. The philosophies, actions, and benefits that can be found in this ancient Indian spiritual practice are immense and life-changing. In a time where mental health is at an all-time low, people are feeling lonely and disconnected, and many would rather stay home and watch Netflix or play video games rather than going out and developing meaningful relationships with the opposite sex, Tantra offers a way out.

Although most just think of sex when they hear the term, the framework provided by a consistent Tantra practice develops so many other areas of the human spirit. Since we are human beings, sex is, of course, a large part of our development and existence. But Tantra opens a variety of doors that can vastly improve one’s quality of life. Here are the 5 main benefits I’ve discovered by exploring and practicing Tantra.

The Amazing Benefits of Tantra

1. Energy

We are energetic beings. Nearly everything we do revolves around the energy required to live. Eating, sleeping, working, exercising…all these things are based on energy. Walking through life half-asleep and guzzling coffee or energy drinks all day is not the way. We all have access to natural forms of energy that flow into our body continually.

Sexual energy is the most proficient and potent. Tantra teaches how to access, manipulate, grow, and transform this energy into powerful positive forms that make your life better. You can learn, with a little practice, to use this natural flow of energy to supercharge your entire life!

2. Attraction

At some point in our lives, it seems we’ve all had a feeling of a lack of attraction from the opposite sex. This is why the pickup industry is such a huge machine. Some of this stuff is actually helpful, and I’m all for men learning how attract and enjoy the company of women. But rarely do these teachings get to the source of attraction.

Pickup lines and scripted material simply mask the foundation of an attractive man. Women are masters of energy and intuition, and when they sense a man who is comfortable in his space and energy, almost anything can be spoken and garner attraction. This is the path of Tantra.

3. Health

Many people don’t workout or exercise because they feel they have a lack of energy. There is many reasons for this. Eating processed and fattening foods will diminish your energy. Focusing on distractions and entertainment will leak your energy unnecessarily. And a sedentary lifestyle promotes even more sitting and laying around, destroying your bodies natural strength.

When you learn to harness your sexual energies and begin practicing semen retention, you will find a well of endless abundant energy that you can then put into developing your body and health. Your food choices become different, your focus and clarity become sharper, and your drive to exercise and push your body becomes front of mind.

4. Sexuality

Finally! What you all came here for haha! Sex is an art and science. You must have both to be an amazing lover. But what I’ve found, and what Tantra is master of, is that presence is the key to amazing sex. No destination, no end, just pure connection and presence in the moment is a path with unlimited joy and pleasure in sexual communion.

Of course, there are some sexual techniques that one should know, and continuous learning in this realm is highly encouraged. However, the act of being completely present, and leaning in with your powerful, open, Tantric energy, will get you and your partner closer to sexual Nirvana than anything else.

5. Spirituality

Last, but certainly not least! Spirituality may be the best and most lasting effect of a Tantra practice. Almost all spiritual disciplines teach a form of “the present moment is all there is.” Tantra takes this philosophy to a whole new level. Embracing every part of ourselves is a primary Tantric tenet.

In opposition to the major religions that teach us to shy away from our bodies and urges, Tantra welcomes them. It encourages finding beauty and God in every sensation, every moment. Tastes, smells, touches, sounds, all contain infinity and bliss. When you shut out the noise, and become completely present in each moment, your connection to God grows immense, intimate, and abundant.

Your Tantric Path Forward

I hope this article helps you understand Tantra in a different way and gets you started on your own spiritual and sensual path. Many amazing breakthroughs and experiences await you as you open the doors to your energetic and spiritual powers through Tantra. If you would like some guidance along your journey, sign up for the Free Hypnotic Tantra Email Course.

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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