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Will AI Destroy Humanity?

ChatGPT has enflamed the discussions around the dangers of AI; Is it warranted?

Will AI destroy humanity? The short answer is NO!

However, it will accelerate the destruction of humanity. This statement purports that humanity is already on a path to destruction.

Do not confuse my usage of 'destruction of humanity' with the destruction of human life, although the two can sometimes be conflated. By humanity, I'm talking about the inner constructs of humans like empathy, integrity, morality, and intelligence.

The problem is not AI at all. The problem is man. AI will only act on what you feed it. If you look at what AI produces, it simply mirrors the state of human consciousness. If humanity had a higher state of relative morality then AI would reflect that.

Some humans have decided to use AI for all of the wrong purposes. Many have tried to ask AI for its opinions on things. This is evidence that humanity itself is spiraling downwards.

Humans have asked AI for its opinions on Biden and Trump to compare and contrast, for example. The motive here is to expose the 'woke' intentions of the liberal left. But this is a rhetorical task. Our mainstream consciousness obviously prefers Biden over Trump.

As previously stated, AI merely reflects humanity.

Asking AI for its opinions on things is like asking the remote control for your TV its opinions on some NetFlix series. No one ever desired to ask their computer its opinion on anything! But with the tiniest resemblance of a human on the other side of your device's screen, humans have resorted to this buffoonery.

I joke that it is humans that possess artificial intelligence in their minds since they rarely exhibit any REAL intelligence.

Some nincompoops have resorted to using ChatGPT like a search engine. They want ChatGPT to spit out facts about some historical or news event. In this instance, they have discovered that ChatGPT will often fabricate 'facts' and/or provide no good information at all. Then they rush to Twitter to vent their frustrations but only expose their own technological ignorance.

If humans are using ChatGPT for these purposes it only shows how lost humans are. This is where the danger of AI comes into play.

When a human asks ChatGPT for its opinions it is submitting to the machine.

The machine now takes the place of a lord, guardian, or parent. With this willful submission, man positions the machine as its ruler. AI will not take over humanity. Man will willfully submit to AI because man is lost! AI has done nothing but execute the commands it was given, like any other computer application.

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

G. Michael Hopf

AI will not destroy humanity, it will accelerate it.

AI is no more dangerous to humanity than a telephone, computer, or car. When computers were first created people talked about them like we talk about AI. And, we're still here.

Then Steve Jobs invented the iPhone and Jack Dorsey created Twitter. Both of these have sent humanity spiraling downwards at an accelerated rate. Smartphones and social media have turned humanity into a different kind of dopamine addict.

Technology makes the layman lazy. But the layman has always been lazy. Technology simply makes it easier to be lazy. Motivated individuals will always be motivated; the disciplined will always be disciplined. They are the real 1%. Intelligence and productivity separate the 1% from the herd of sheep.

AI will have little effect on the 1% in a negative way; they will benefit.

When you hand the layman ChatGPT he will use it for entertainment and moronic endeavors. But the 1% will use ChatGPT 10x their productivity.

The main danger of AI is dependency. Back in my day, we memorized telephone numbers. Today, no one memorizes phone numbers because the smartphone stores them. This is a form of dependency. I do not store important phone numbers on my device. I memorize them for emergency purposes.

The 1% are conscious of their strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, manage them wisely. The layman is lazy and desires dependency. These are the people that will be subdued by AI.

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