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Babylon Bee Censored by Twitter

Babylon Bee was censored on Saturday evening for "hateful conduct."

Seth Dillon (CEO of Babylon Bee) tweeted out Saturday evening that Twitter locked the Babylon Bee Twitter account.

The reason the Babylon Bee was censored? So-called "hateful conduct"

The "hateful conduct" was a parody tweet stating, "The Babylon Bee's Man of the Year is Rachel Levine."

Twitter said Babylon Bee could have access to their account if they delete the tweet.

In case you aren't aware, Rachel Levine is an admiral in the United States Navy. Rachel is very much a public figure. Rachel made headlines in September 2021 when Joe Biden nominated Levine to be Associate Secretary for Health.

At Rachel's confirmation hearing, Rachel refused to answer a question from Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul asked whether Rachel believed a minor was capable of making the decision to change one's sex.

Earlier last week when USA Today named Rachel one of its "Women of the Year." (Rachel Levine was not born a woman.)

Seth Dillon said that the Babylon Bee will not delete the Tweet. Seth said others could help by "Never censor yourself." He directed his followers to both the Babylon Bee e-mail list and Premium Subscription.

This is obviously just another example of Big Tech censorship. But it is also an example of weaponizing censorship.

Sure, the Babylon Bee could restore its account, but only if it acts in strict accordance with thought policing. In other words - agree with Twitter's "reality" and all is forgiven.

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