Biden Threatens Americans With Nukes and F-15’s

Biden Threatens Americans With Nukes and F-15’s

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden spoke to the White House Press corps about “gun violence” and there were more than a few Freudian slips, including what appeared to be a veiled threat backed by Nukes and F-15’s.
President Biden in his own words

Shall we say there’s a lot to unpack here?

All you need is a double barrel shotgun

First, we need a memory refresher. Remember when, as vice president, Biden advised that all you need to have to protect yourself is a double barrel shotgun?

Never mind the fact that everyone doesn’t live in a wooded area where threats announce themselves hundreds of yards away and then run away when you fire warning shots into the air…

Biden, in an attempt to advise the public on practices that lead to better gun safety, told you it was a good idea to fire warning shots into the sky.

In doing so, he also advised you to take your double barrel shotgun and give both barrels to no one in particular, attempting to scare the potential intruder away. What if the intruder recognizes that you will have to reload now and sees it as an opportunity to continue their intrusion? What are you supposed to do next? Beat the intruder unconscious with the stock?

But I digress… I just wanted to lay out the level of understanding of the subject matter we are dealing with.

The Blood of Patriots

During his remarks on Wednesday, Biden attempted to paraphrase a quote from Thomas Jefferson, but he either completely butchered the quote and forgot one of its critical elements or he left it out deliberately. My money is on the latter.

What do you think it means when he leaves the word tyrant out of his attempt to paraphrase and focuses on the blood of patriots? Is he trying to warn you that it will only be your blood that will be used to refresh the tree of liberty?

F-15’s and Nukes

There’s a fairly widespread belief that people who seek to arm themselves should only be allowed to do so for the purposes of hunting, sporting marksmanship, and home protection from random acts of burglary and intrusion. And this belief extends to their interpretation of the second amendment.

Those are important, valuable reasons to own firearms. But even those are under constant threat if the right to defend ourselves from tyranny is not protected and exercised.

Biden attempted to discourage his subjects who may want to “take on the government” by saying “you need F-15’s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” Leaving aside the difficulty the US military has had with villagers and mercenaries giving them all they can handle in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other occupations, does the president think it is appropriate to threaten the people he was allegedly elected “to serve”?

“The type of people who can own guns”

I saved this doozy blast because it is the one that slipped by nearly everyone. Care to tell the audience “the type of people“ who were not allowed to have guns?

The very first gun control laws were designed to disarm slaves and recently freed black people out of fear of retribution for the injustices perpetrated against them. Sound familiar?

My friend, Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter has been talking about this for years. He’s doing everything he can to help people, especially in the black community, to learn their rights and responsibilities and to get the training they need to do so safely and effectively.

While he may not be training people to use F-15‘s and nukes, he is training them in asserting their own self ownership and self defense.

You own yourself - protect that asset

Find training near you, find merchants that carry what you feel most comfortable using to protect yourself, and connect with people in your local community to build relationships with folks you can rely on. This is how we preserve the freedom we have left and advance in liberty.

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