Hotep Jesus on FOX News

The Black Cage of Liberalism

Liberalism creates an invisible cage for the minds of black Americans

Many of you know that I was on FOX news the day before yesterday.

And as promised, I posted a clip to my Instagram.

Most of the comments were supportive but then there was this guy:

Lol you on FAUX news talkin about the dems are raci$t 😂 - the Dems are far from perfect- you are far from perfect clearly @hotepjesus2 but you’re comparing apples to oranges. The trump cabinet literally had 2 black folks - Ormarosa and that 🤡 brain surgeon. The dem party tho flawed is full of diversity. How bout you left out the fact that the raci$t Dems left the party in droves during the civil rights era because they hated JFK And joined the Republican Party … cut it out with the clout chasing bruh it’s embarrassing

He's mentally in a cage and he's trying to have me keep him company in said cage.

This is a cage built by progressivism.

Apparently, when someone I know, who works for FOX news, invites me to come on his show, I'm supposed to decline because FOX news is racist or something.

I find it funny that these people hate FOX news but FOX has a FOX Soul segment now and no one complains about that. Or how about these same people watch the NFL on FOX?

Maybe, when football comes on, all of the scary white supremacists magically disappear.

Then he talks about "diversity." Do you know what diversity (inclusion) is?

Diversity is when the white liberal allows you into their institutions, corporations and systems, AFTER passing their purity test, so that you never build your own. It is an evolved and covert—more sophisticated—form of slavery.

If we drew a parallel, the slave who lived in the big house during slavery would be considered diversity and inclusion.

It's the white liberal saying, "You've been a good boy—here's your cookie."

If one of these black or white liberals invited me onto NBC or CBS live television, do you think I would turn it down? HELL NO!

But do you think they have ever invited me? HELL NO! They are AFRAID of me!

They fear the truth I might expose to the public. They are terrified that I might get people thinking. And Massa don't like slaves who think—because slaves who think, free themselves.

But what about his first statement, "The Dems are far from perfect..."

This is where the cage makes itself apparent.

Are the Dems above criticism? On the plantation, YES! Obviously, because this guy is disturbed by my comments. This is the mental control Dems have over a segment of the black population.

If you dare criticize them, someone of your own race will attack you. This is classic Stockholm Syndrome.

This attack on my character—accusing me of clout chasing—is why so many remain silent. These attacks are why many blacks don't speak up. This is why many black celebrities don't speak up. They are frightened into silence.

The fear of ostracism can cage the mind and its thoughts. One may begin to question so-called liberalism but then remember the consequences of expressing those thoughts which leads to the suppression of those thoughts.

They will actually cease to think for themselves. Like a computer, they will wait for instructions before they execute anything.

This is the mental cage imposed upon the black American population by liberalism or progressivism.

Is it diversity if you're only allowed to think one way? Is it inclusion if you're only allowed to have the prescribed political affiliation?

I don't fear these people and that's called masculinity.

And that's why progressivism puts masculinity in their crosshairs at every turn. Because masculinity cannot be caged. Masculinity desires power and freedom. Masculinity does not beg for inclusion. It creates its own power structure to include itself. Masculinity will not be exploited for political agendas.

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