3 Easy Ways to Beat Blue Light and Sleep Better

3 Easy Ways to Beat Blue Light and Sleep Better

Blue light is a wavelength emitted by electronic devices and artificial lights. Too much exposure can drastically affect sleep. Here's a quick guide to limit blue light and sleep better.

Make a Routine

The easiest way to reduce exposure is to turn those devices off!

Either turn them off completely or dim the brightness on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Or, use the "night mode" feature on some devices.

Set an alarm to remind you when to turn off your electronics. Two to three hours before bed is a great start.


Beat Blue light turn off your phone

Change Your Environment

Sometimes it's impossible to turn off or dim your devices, especially if you're working late. Blue light glasses can reduce the effects of bright light.

Screen filters for phones, tablets, and laptops help reduce blue and UV light exposure.

Apps like Iris combat the amount of light your device emits.

If you like to read before bed, consider using a lamp that emits orange light. If you have a habit of getting up during the night, low-wattage red nightlights are a great alternative.

Our eyes can detect even a small amount of light through closed eyelids. Consider sleeping with an eye mask.

Beat Blue light change your environment


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