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Brittany Renner Teaches Men The Greatest Lesson They Can Learn

PJ Washington allegedly on the hook for $200,000 a month in child support

A rumor is swirling the internets. The social media streets are saying that Brittany Renner set PJ up for an expensive 18-year bid.

Eighteen years, eighteen years

She got one of your kids, got you for eighteen years

Kanye West - Gold Digger

Is Brittany morally wrong? Perhaps. But I don't blame her.

A man's value increases as he gets older. A woman's value decreases as she gets older. By the time a woman hits 30 years of age, she will begin to panic if she has not "secured the bag." A woman secures her future by becoming a bride or a baby momma...if she selects a wealthy mate.

What many don't understand is that women are inherently professional resource extractors. They are naturally hypergamous. Women select mates based upon who can afford her the most comfortable life.

The comfort that a woman deserves should be measured by her value. And herein lies the problem. Men are copulating with women who provide no value outside of sex. Women are using their bodies to score way higher than their actual value because men overvalue the yoni.

The vagina market is in a bubble. We are in the middle of a "hoe-flation" crisis.

If PJ Washington read "The Unbreakable Rules of Masculinity" he would not have been such a sucker. Allow me to include an excerpt from the book below.

Your nut is your power and you should only share your power with those who prove themselves worthy. By not giving her your fruit, she'll be forced to prove her worthiness.

Bryan "Hotep Jesus" Sharpe - The Unbreakable Rules of Masculinity pg. 143

Man Law: Don't give her your nut!

How long was this kid dating her? A few months? That's another rule of masculinity he broke.

Man Law: Never enter a committed relationship with a woman that you haven't been through all four seasons with.

You need a full year of vetting before you even consider a serious relationship. The first three months don't count either because that's the "honeymoon phase" where everything is perfect.

Women are great at locking down men in this phase. Do NOT fall for this trap!

Everyone is their perfect self in the honeymoon phase. But when the newness of the engagement wears off, the REAL personality will emerge.

Never judge a woman by perfect conditions. Judge her by how she reacts during a rough patch.

Man Law: Game for a man is being able to get sex without sharing his resources. Game for a woman is being able to get his resources without giving up sex.

Following this rule, Brittany Renner has all the game and PJ has none. She traded sex for a life of financial security. PJ's resources were involved in a imbalanced trade. No amount of pudenda is worth $200k a month. None!

Men dictate the price of sex, not women. If men had more sexual control, women would have to come to the table with more than the the lower half of their body.

Men, being the resource providers are the catch. Women are NOT the catch! A woman is judged as unlucky if she is not married by a certain age. Men are considered lucky if they are not married by a certain age. The pressure is on women, not men. Too many men lower the bar and this makes men cheap catches!

Be an expensive man. Make women work for your resources. Do not work for sex. Sex comes easily when you have the resources.

The father figures in PJ's life have failed him. Do not let the next generation fall for these traps. Share this post with a young man you know RIGHT NOW! You could save his life.

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