Build Back Better

Build Back Better

by Andy Eversole, C.H.

No, this isn’t some “Great Reset”, Illuminati Lizard-People propaganda piece. This is a way forward. A way for you to pick up the pieces and create the world of your imagination.

It’s no secret. 2020 was a tough year for many. Millions of Americans lost their businesses, jobs, and freedoms. Many even lost family and friends. It was a gut punch to the collective humanity. And while a lot of us are still reeling from the devastation, the world keeps turning. Time is moving on. Your bills are still due.

So what now? The world has changed completely. Perhaps you’ve lost much of what you built over many years. Kids are half-assing digital class. Employees are on a never ending zoom meeting. The AI takeover happened a lot swifter than most of us ever imagined. And many folks will be starting again in this brave new world.

But all is not lost. Actually, this is an incredible opportunity. An amazing time to be alive. All it takes is some mental flexibility and fortitude. After you’ve gotten over the initial shock, and done a bit of grieving for what used to be. It’s now time to really envision the world you want to create. The future you want to build.

We are the designers of our own Universe. Anything that you see around you, first began as an idea in someone’s head. A thought, an inspiration, a vision. It’s the seed that turns into the garden of existence.

As a hypnotherapist, this is exactly what I teach my clients to do. If you don’t have a clear vision for yourself, then how will you know what you are going to do when you wake up each day? This vision must be clear, concise, detailed. You need to visualize it in your mind, feel it in your spirit, and be grateful for the opportunity to bring it to fruition.

Then, get to work. Get your hands in the dirt. Sweat in the sun. Toil, strive, build, and innovate. Take a break when you need to. Get a cool drink of fresh, clean, water. Take some breaths in the shade. Then work some more.

But it all starts with the vision. And now is the perfect time to create your new vision for the future. What do you want?

What change would you want to see in the world? Have you been wanting to start a new business? A new project? A new hobby? Now is the time. Have you been wanting to move to a different place? End a relationship that isn’t fulfilling you? Ask that person on a date? Start going to Church? Start a new religion? Now is the time.

Have you wanted to get in better shape? Write a book? Become a photographer? Run for office? Now is the time.

This societal transformation is tumultuous. It can be scary at times. But as we’ve seen, nobody is safe. We all have a very limited time on this Earth. That is very clear. So what are you going to do with the time you’ve been given. Will you scroll Twitter and Facebook, watching other people do things?

Or even worse, spend your time arguing with people you don’t agree with? I hope not.
Think about what you want to create. The Universe you want to live in, then start building. One day, you will leave a legacy. To your family, to humanity. What do you want that legacy to be?

Will you take advantage of this opportunity? Or will you lie on your deathbed thinking of things you should have done differently?

If you choose the former, then get started on creating your vision today. Take as much time as you need to do this. Sometimes it only takes several minutes. For other people it may take a weekend away on your own. Get quiet inside, and let your heart be the guide.

Make your vision strong, powerful, beautiful, and detailed. Visualize it with all the clarity and emotion you can muster. Set wildly huge goals. Expand your thinking and consciousness to embrace the changes in your imagination.

Then write it all down. If you are visual, then you can draw it, or make a vision board. Put this somewhere you will see it daily. Make sure to look at it, and feel it many times a day. This is your treasure map, your guide to the Universe you will create. Treat it with the respect and sacredness that it deserves.

Don’t share too much of the information with other people. Talking too much about it will dilute the power of the vision. Especially refrain from sharing with people who you know will doubt or dismiss your vision. We don’t have any more time to waste dealing with uncertainty.

If you need help with creating your vision, visit, or email me at I will be glad to help in any way I can. Take this opportunity to get a fresh start on the rest of your life, and create the world you want to live in. Start with an amazing vision, then get your hands dirty.

Build back better. Enjoy the ride!

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