Cancel Dave Chappelle!!

Cancel Dave Chappelle!!

Dave Chappelle must not be allowed to speak. Whether it’s his extremely controversial commentary on identity, his beyond edgy takes on race, or his unabashed attempts to use humor to discuss death and tragedy, no one is more worthy of cancellation than Dave Chappelle right now.

Dave Chapelle is making too much sense and opening too many eyes with the piercing irony of his brilliant sense of humor. Too many people are being given no choice but to look at some of the most important issues of our lifetime from a perspective they may have never even considered. People can’t be allowed to think. Dave Chapelle is making people think and we just can’t have that, now can we?

How Wounds Heal

American culture and the relationships among its people have been deeply wounded since before I was born. And these wounds have been festering to the point that they threaten the very life of humanity here and perhaps across the globe.

How do wounds heal? Do they heal by simply being covered up, dirty and rife with toxins and bacteria?

No. For a wound to have the opportunity to heal, it must be cleaned. Deep. This cleansing can strike deep nerves and cause intense, sharp pain. But it’s necessary to prevent infection and to facilitate the body’s miraculous natural ability to regenerate.

Sometimes, the wrong medicine or treatment can be applied, either making the wound worse or causing an additional problem beyond the original wound.

So, first wounds must be exposed and cleaned. Then, a remedy may be applied to aid the healing process.

Chappelle Is Exposing Wounds—Embrace the Pain

The truth hurts. There’s no question about it. When it comes to addressing the ills of society, the truth-induced pain is cognitive dissonance.

So many of us have deeply held beliefs that are just emotions wrapped in half-truths because, when we adopted them, they were convenient or made us feel better. When someone like Dave Chapelle begins to cut at the logic of those beliefs, our mind and our emotions experience pain as we either adjust or discard them to make space for the new ideas we’ve been exposed to.

But when piercing irony is mixed in perfect proportion to a brilliant sense of humor, our cognitive dissonance is soothed and our mind becomes fertile ground for challenging perspectives.

This Is Why Dave Chapelle Must Be Stopped!

We can’t have a successful black man with a strong and influential presence in black culture out here appealing to white rednecks, while at the same time turning a mirror on them to see the harm that’s been done by identifying the true enemy of American healing: the white liberal.

When someone can point out your flaws and make fun of you and still make you laugh at yourself—and you aren’t even mad at it? That’s when you know they’re extremely effective.

One of the best ways to expose cultural wounds is to expose hypocrisy.

When Dave Chapelle royals the disparity in outrage across the myriad outrage-worthy topics that garner headlines and lead to boycotts and protests, you can see that he’s more than just a comedian making jokes. He is a threat that must be neutralized if the agenda of division and distraction that is driving America to cultural suicide is to be successful.

He discussed the way he was censored on Comedy Central by exposing their hypocrisy in his 2019 Netflix special “Sticks and Stones“ and does the same with his commentary on the recent cancellation of DaBaby in this week’s “The Closer.”

He also discusses topics many people find untouchable. Last year, he made everyone very necessarily uncomfortable with his cutting commentary on the George Floyd murder and its aftermath in his special “8:46.”

These are the topics that, like a festering wound, have been covered with old, dirty gauze and toxic “remedies“ for decades. He discusses them because it is past time to open those wounds, expose them to oxygen and sunlight, and begin the painful cleaning and healing process.

The Choice Before Us

The white liberal and their willing accomplices seem to have only one use for black men: they use their dead bodies as a soap box to stand on to promote their own pet projects designed to help everyone but black men. In fact, most of their pet projects seem to seek the destruction of black men, whether explicitly or when followed to their logical conclusion.

Dave Chapelle

“Clearly, my problem has always been with white people.“

Dave Chappelle in The Closer

I couldn’t agree more. I’m white and I have been frustrated by the short sightedness and bizarre manifestations of racism around me for a while now.

So the choice to me is simple: perpetuate these cycles of dismissal, use, or abuse; or embrace allies who see the world very similarly to the way you see it, just from a different perspective and with a different lens.

One choice very possibly could be the key to healing the ills of America and bringing freedom and strength to all the people who have been the unwilling subjects of the institutions built to exploit us. The other choice may be suicide.

I’m rocking with Clifford.

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