Dating Advice for Men: Dealing with Vampires

Dating Advice for Men: Dealing with Vampires

If all men are dogs, then all women are vampires. The same way men will take sex from an attractive woman, a woman will happily drain you of your time if you don't protect it. Have some self-respect; do not let a woman violate you.

Because if you can’t stand up to her, how is she supposed to trust you to stand up to others?

Women value time from men the same way men value sex from women. As a man, you need to start protecting your time, the same way women protect sex. This Friday-Saturday I had an encounter with a girl that perfectly encapsulates this lesson.

It was our 3rd time hanging out at my place when she came over Friday evening. She’s about 110 lbs, 5’4”, Native American, and unusually pretty—both in that a girl that pretty isn’t common, and that her beauty was not that of the typical western-first-world standards. We had sex last time, but this time she was claiming there would be no sex.

Facepalm and laughter at ridiculousness

Now between this time and the last, it became abundantly clear that she was catching some feelings.

When we woke up Saturday morning, while trying to seduce her, it became clear she was steadfast in refraining from sex. But sex did occur once I was willing to walk away. So what happened, and why does that work?


Walking away is the only power you have as a man. In pick-up, this is a tactic called a “freeze-out”. Once she has made it adamant that no sex will be happening, you will stop all advances and remove yourself from the bed. Go play video games, watch a movie, or get some work done. You can even kick her out.

I wrote in the last article that women are allergic to bad feelings. The freeze-out is a technique that weaponizes that emotional discomfort to move past a woman’s last-minute resistance (LMR) and onto sex.

I support this technique.

The girl is cold and blowing in her hands for warmth

First of all:
She said no. So removing yourself from the sexual arena is always a good move. This also protects you from any behaviors that make you appear to be begging for sex.

Second of all:
As a tactic, I can see how it is manipulative. But this only achieves sex if she actually does want to have sex, and/or her LMR is actually token resistance and she’s secretly cheering for you. But, if it is real, you have successfully respected her “no”.

As a tactic, only good can come from a successful freeze-out.

Saturday AM June 11, 2022 (Today)

  • Me: “I do not have relations with women I do not have sex with.”
  • Her: “You only hang out with women to have sex?!”
  • Me: “Have you ever broken this rule for another guy? So you expect me to take less from you than you have given every other man who is lesser than me? It’s not even about the sex, it's about the fact that you are willing to give more to lesser men. It’s disrespectful”
  • Her: “It's not about you! I’m not breaking this rule because I like you.”
  • Me: “Correct. It’s about you, and what you think about me. That is why I don’t have relations with women who are not overly enthusiastic about their attraction to me. Because why would I want to be with a woman who isn’t passionate about me? The sex is damn near coercion/dishonest at that point.”
Greek sculpture: warrior holding woman

Shit Tests

Women throw shit tests at men to see if they will supplicate to the will/frame of the women, or if they will stand strong to her challenges. When a woman likes you she’s secretly hoping you will prevail. But why would she shit test you if she wants you to win?

It’s in the female nature to make sure you are not weak. They can’t help themselves.

My conversations this morning with her ended in sex because I established an uncompromisable frame between her and I being together. And that if she didn’t want to play ball, I was walking.

King Minion Mic Drop gif

As she said, this wasn’t about me, it was about her and if she wants to be the type of woman I deal with. She can say yes or she can say no.

“I know who I am, what value I bring to the world, I’m not going to settle for less than what you have given any other man when they are my inferiors, and you like me more than you like them.”

-Dax Hill

We had a fantastic morning, she complimented the way I carry, talk, and present myself, and got us both breakfast– I had waffles :)

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