Dating Tips for Men: Objectify Her??

Dating Tips for Men: Objectify Her??

Woman love to be sexualized and objectified...By the men they find attractive. But what are the best dating tips for pulling it off?

Women are EXTREMELY sexual beings.

There are a lot of details that go into objectifying a woman the way she wants and bringing both of you together.

Night game (meeting girls out at bars at night) is a sexual arena, not a comfort-relationship place. So when interacting with women at these venues, I am leaning into that sexual energy; connecting to her primal attraction.

This acts as both a screening mechanism for girls to decide if they want to engage me, by providing the frame we will be interacting under.

Dating Tips: Objectify and Sexualize

By sexualizing the conversation, I want her to thoroughly understand how I see her, and us together. I don’t want any confusion in her decision to continue talking to me.

I am asking her questions and actively listening to her answers for things I can relate to, and sexualize and objectify her physically, emotionally, and mentally. Especially in regards to both of us together.

With these dating tips, you will notice most women will feed you similar answers. So with experience, you can begin to ask the questions with predictable, and easily serializable answers.

Unfortunately, as I have said in other posts: the game is trial by fire. You are going to have to be bold to learn. Ironically, many women will find your brashness refreshing and mentally engaging.

A Woman will forgive you for being too aggressive. But she will never forgive you for being a pussy.

-Dante Nero

Some easy ways to go about sexualizing/objectifying a woman are your usual, normal questions, but we're going to go with some of my personal favorites...

What is your name?

  • Her: “blah blah”
  • Me: Uh oh, the last “blah blah” I met, we snuck into a hotel pool and went skinny dipping.

I wouldn’t necessarily use this exactly because it could make her think about me and another woman. But from a functional standpoint, this type of comment is meant to get her thinking about us naked and having fun.

Communicating to a woman is being in touch with her inner cavewoman. So when you communicate with her, create a favorable sexual mental picture that she can insert herself into with you.

There are nuances with the tone of voice, body language, spacing, touch, timing, and pacing with escalating the objectification of a woman. And it's more impactful if it is from personal experience and congruent to your reality.

You are 5'8"?

Wednesday night there was a SEXY receptionist named Lauren, red silk top, no bra, a little mid-drift, and long black tight pants. Dirty blonde with that, "sexual college girl" look. And she was a tall one.

Being tall myself, being able to accurately guess girls' heights is a gift of mine. And since tall girls believe their height makes them unattractive, meeting one is instant engagement.

Tall women want tall men in an intimate role, not a friendzone fantasy.

So I'm saying things to create imagery and warmth around us being together in public:

  • Her wearing heels
  • People staring at us together
  • Asking other patrons if we look good together
  • Commenting on how we are already coordinating outfit colors

Non-Verbal Communication

This part of the dating tips takes a higher level of tactfulness in the physical and non-verbal escalation, mostly in reliance to your non-verbal congruency with your self-confidence and competence.

As her interest rises, it is highly likely the IOIs (indicators of interest) will start flying: Lip biting, looking you up and down (at your dick), sexual eye contact, playing with her hair, licking her lips, etc.

Overtly calling her out on the more sexually obvious ones is crucial. She knows what the different non-verbal communications mean, and she knows you know what's going down since you have acknowledged them.

The elephant in the room has been addressed, and this calms her uneasy "feeling like a hoe"-ness in a flirtatious and playful way.

Now, homegirl was working so I couldn't close her right then. But this is the point where you would execute a venue bounce, make out, or go for the close.


Holy shit I forgot this: you can implement these nonverbals as your own tools to let her know your intentions.

Like I said in the beginning, you are escalating her primal attraction at all times. So what is not said will carry more weight. This is the same thing as a super player conveying this whole written post with body language and eye contact.

What you can/should do and say is dependent on your persona. But, these non-verbals can come off as thirsty, or creepy, so tread lightly.

The game is meant to be fun.

You're going to have to get out there in the game and figure out the details of the game on your own. But when you do figure it out,

Everybody wins.

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