Full Body Flex - Cassius Cam's WOD

Full Body Flex - Cassius Cam's WOD

Today’s workout is designed to challenge every muscle group with a blend of compound lifts and high-repetition calisthenics.

This is ideal for those who prefer training multiple muscle groups frequently throughout the week. A full-body approach helps in achieving balanced strength and endurance.

Let’s gear up for an energizing and comprehensive workout session!

Equipment Needed

Full gym access is required to complete this workout

Warm Up 

  • 1 mile jog on the treadmill.
  • Gradually increase the pace as you loosen up and really push it on the last ¼ mile
  • Follow it up with a 5-10 minute dynamic stretch


  • DB Squat & Press x Pause Pull-up (super set) 5x5 

(Use the heaviest dumbbells you can handle safely! 2 second pause at the bottom of pull-up) 

  • Decline Push-up - 3x Failure
(I prefer using dumbbells as handles and a neutral grip to get a better stretch)
  • Ring Rows - 3x Failure 

(Use a Smith Machine with bar at thigh level to do inverted rows if your gym doesn’t have rings)

  • RDL 3x15
  • Cable Crunch 3x25





    If you cannot perform pull-ups, use a weight assisted pull-up machine or resistance bands.


    Full body splits are a great way to minimize fatigue while maximizing volume throughout the week. 

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