Hip-Hop Meets Politics

Hip-Hop Meets Politics


Patriot J joins Coach Rita and Ant Bailey to discuss his rising status in the politically conscious hip-hop game as well as his alter ego as a law student. He has quite the story to tell about how how he arrived at his political worldview, how that has been received, and what motivated him to study law.

As a young entrepreneur, Patriot J has already mastered his social media marketing skills and generated strong sales and attention for his first CD, "Patriot J."

You can purchase his CD in the link below. Much gratitude to Patriot J for spending time with us and lots of well wishes for his continued success!

Patriot J Twitter: @sirhottest Website: http://PatriotJ2024.com​​ Album for purchase: http://PatriotJ2024.com/PJLP​​ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1FC...#Rap#Hip​-Hop #Conservatism#Politics#Law#Music

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