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JRE 1778 - Joey Diaz (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1778

Joey Diaz is a stand-up comedian, actor and host of the podcast "Uncle Joey's Joint."

This episode isn't really an interview. It's three and a half hours of two old friends just shooting the shit and catching up on life. The conversation drifts and wanders over a myriad of subjects and a lot of it is really entertaining.

We learn that Joe Rogan and I have the same taste in booze. (So, Joe! Hit me up. Let's grab some whiskey! No ice, no mixers.)

Certainly the gold in this episode is about 45 minutes in when Rogan and Diaz start talking about coming up as comedians at the Comedy Store in LA. Here they reminisce and discuss what that life is like and drop some wisdom for aspiring comedians. They share stories about favorite comedians that were influential in their lives and careers. There are really interesting behind the scenes stories and hilarious anecdotes.

Then it's off to the races again covering everything from Rolling Stone concerts to Clint Eastwood. Both men are fighting fans and there's some great discussion about the sport, and some great footage of Tyson just dominating.


4:00 The plight of insecure comedians.

18:40 Story of Joey Diaz's knee replacement. Rogan talks about the unique method he used to strengthen his own knees.

28:00 Horrors of ancient surgery.

30:00 Talking about fighters. Rogan explains why Mike Tyson was such a phenomenal fighter.

38:00 Rogan goes to see the Rolling Stones.

44:30 Coming up in comedy. Discussing great comedians. How both guys came up in the Comedy Store in LA.

1:15:00 The early days of Joey Diaz. Young comics, listen up!!

1:36:00 (Class) Action Park - where 70's kids went to self-maim.

1:45:00 Rogan RantTM on the state of society. (We don't actually have a trademark pending on Rogan Rant - but someone should)

1:49:30 Adventures in air travel

1:57:25 Adventures in road rage

2:05:40 The therapeutic powers of COLD (paging Hotep Jesus)

2:11:00 Moar fighter talk!

2:26:45 Charities being sketchy?

2:34:30 Hollywood accounting is confusing…let's talk about movies instead! How old famous movie stars would fuck studios out of money - lol! (Brando was such a g!)

3:05:00 Sports gambling.

3:17:15 Someone Joey knows is going to jail because of what they said next to an Alexa. NEVER PUT ONE IN YOUR HOUSE.

3:22:30 Social credit scores and tv recommendations - two subjects that naturally flow one from the next.

3:31:45 Everyone must be starving; wrap up the episode talking about food.

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