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JRE 1781 - Coleman Hughes (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1781

Coleman Hughes is a writer and opinion columnist who specializes in issues related to race, public policy, and applied ethics. He's also the host of the "Conversations with Coleman" podcast.

Coleman at once comes across as a man who you know thinks deeply about things - and not just in a way of trying to make sense of something but trying to really get the root of it.

This episode really is all over the map (they start with Tiger Wood's golf swing and end with assessing the problems related to understanding consciousness). Nonetheless, they cover many salient topics and mostly from a unique perspective.

After the first hour's banter, the second generally covers the state of political discourse in America. They cover free speech, police shootings and cancel culture. We get to hear Joe Rogan's policy stances! There are some good white pills in here.

The third hour really shines. It starts with looking at how school systems are trying to limit Asian exceptionalism. It turns, then, to immigration, and then weaves back the ideas surrounding racial privileges. Are whites the only ones being skewered in the modern age for universal human flaws? We also hear about some awful driving in other countries.

The last 45 minutes of the episode is on technological progress and consciousness. It's quite the listen if you make it that far. But if you can't spend a full three hours on this, don't worry! I got you covered with the timestamps!


6:51 Killing people with one punch.

10:55 Moral luck and the importance of intention in the law.

15:15 OJ Simpson.

21:15 LAPD corruption back in the day. For example, murder for hire - no big.

24:20 Why does it seem like horrible things are happening all the time?

27:46 Difference between cops here and in other countries.

32:30 The white "George Floyd" in 2017 that no one ever talked about.

36:00 The sentencing of Kim Potter and how people crack under the pressure.

39:15 Why people who aren't disciplined in martial arts should not be allowed to be cops.

49:50 Rogan's breathing exercise that will leave you breathless.

51:08 ASMR.

54:15 Why we love Indian gurus.

56:00 It's easy to be cynical. Who do you surround yourself with?

57:11 The fate of the Brazilian Joe Rogan. Examples of why censorship never works in the long run.

1:03:15 Why is it wrong to eat babies? Or IS it wrong to eat babies?

1:10:00 Changes of heart are far more common than people suppose. (White pill!)

1:16:00 Outline of Rogan's political policy stances.

1:19:15 The strange state of our political discourse.

1:23:50 How the Jasmine Barnes case showcased the warped racial thinking in this country.

1:34:30 How to make America great!

1:40:00 Joe Biden's lies enumerated. (Rogan's been making fun of him since 1988!)

1:45:40 Trump's best troll (according to Coleman Hughes)

1:48:22 Harvard needs to stop its Asian hate.

1:49:45 Where did the University essay requirement come from?

1:56:40 Educational standards being thrown out in the name of systemic racism lead to SF School Board getting recalled. (White pill)

2:04:25 How Asians actually get a leg up.

2:13:23 America is an attractive alternative to the rest of the world.

2:23:15 Whites get skewered for human flaws that are universal.

2:38:00 How insane driving is in other countries.

2:40:02 Rogan makes a very strange noise.

2:41:20 The future will include pollution on the laundry list of past barbaric practices.

2:46:00 Our technological progress is limited and will eventually level out. Rogan thinks we're going to mesh with technology, but Coleman is skeptical we'll get there.

3:03:50 Are we living in a simulation? If so, how can we signal to people running the simulation not to kill us all?

3:07:03 Deep thoughts about consciousness

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