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JRE 1793 - Mike Baker (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1793

Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer and current CEO of Portman Square Group, a global intelligence firm. He is also the host of "Black Files Declassified" on Discovery+ and the Science Channel.

"How fucked are we?" Rogan asks at the outset of the episode. "Very."

An intensely interesting conversation, if black pilling, is had about the current state of affairs on the planet. Specifically, the two men discuss Ukraine and Russia at great length.

This episode will undoubtedly connect a lot of dots for people who have been somewhat keeping u with the war in Ukraine. It will unfortunately also lead to more questions. It doesn't seem like anyone in the West has a true idea of where Putin's mind is at, or what his end game is.

That's either very cool, or very chilling - depending on who you are.


7:35 How do intel agencies get access to a high-priority target? Methods of counter-intelligence, and speculating on what sort of military intelligence Putin has.

18:30 Hunter Biden's laptop was true. MiG fighter jets - hot, or not?

25:08 How does China steal our technology? (Another reason to crack down on immigration - just sayin')

30:00 Some Deep State apologia.

35:30 The alphabet community is apolitical? Yeah - ok…lol

37:30 How the embroidering of intelligence from the field to the newsroom works.

44:15 Trump isn't going to be on Rogan :(

53:45 Difference between critical thinking and critical theory. How Big Pharma skews research data to maximize profits, and how they market to doctors.

1:04:00 What's the deal with Russian oligarchs?

1:09:20 China & Russia relationships. Why Putin ain't afraid of Biden.

1:14:00 How The Left media talked about Ukraine before the war.

1:18:40 US/Saudi Arabia relationship going South?

1:22:00 What's with the gas prices? How do gas prices fluctuate?

1:33:15 Russia has had a lot of problems in this invasion. How does this end?

1:53:00 Why are countries going after the oligarchs? What's a no-fly zone got to do with anything?

2:05:50 What was the 2014 Ukraine uprising all about? Putin throws a Trump rally.

2:10:00 How do we get US propaganda…err….accurate information to the Russian people?

2:20:30 Rogan says conservatives need to get off the gay stuff. Don't say gay bill.

2:30:00 Is there a way the Russia thing ends well? The problem with modern-day nuke warfare.

2:48:00 Black Files Declassified.

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