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JRE 1796 - Ali Siddiq (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1796

Ali Siddiq is a stand-up comedian, writer, and community advocate. His most recent special is "Ali Siddiq: It's Bigger Than These Bars," filmed live at Bell County Jail in Texas.

This hilarious Joe Rogan episode will have you dying laughing. Ali has an infectious sense of humor and goes in on a wide variety of topics. Ali has a ton of quirks and peeves that are all too relatable.

Woman with dirty heels? Trash. If she has fake boobs, just knowing there's a scar somewhere is a turn-off. He wants a goth girlfriend.

From lip injections to butt implants, and from dog breeds to boxing, there isn't really any topic left untouched.

This is definitely one of those "shoot the breeze" episodes, sure. But it is entirely entertaining all the way through.


0:00 Basketball. Refs never call anything. Shaq has a six-pack now.

8:00 Beef with Kat Williams!

18:25 Dr. Fauci throwing out a baseball pitch…LOLLLLLLLLL

20:45 Kim Jung-Il mythology. He invented the burrito! LOLLLLLLLLL

28:00 Plastic surgery fails. People tattooing their heads out of vanity and looking awful.

38:50 Transplants: beards, hair, heart… All kinds of transplants.

42:15 Plastic surgery of course dove-tails straight into horticulture. (Ali is a gardener)

46:15 How gardening builds community. (Also: why bullsh** is called bullsh**)

51:00 How a woman smells can turn a guy off.

54:30 Even Ali Siddiq wants a goth girlfriend Lollllllll

59:00 Ali's strip club pitch.

1:05:00 Implants: Butts, breasts, legs, shoulders… All kinds of implants.

1:23:00 Showing Little Richard the love he deserves.

1:27:00 Rogan N-word controversy.

1:35:00 Ali goes OFF on "modern" families. BASED.

1:53:00 Brutal fights: lesbian fights, jail fights, pro boxing fights… All kinds of brutal fights.

2:18:00 Vicious dogs. Deformed pit bulls. Family dogs. ALL KINDS OF DOGS.

2:49:00 Spider bites.

2:50:50 Learning honor from a pimp in Mississippi. Importance of life experiences.

3:07:00 The troubles with modern schooling. Fast food service. Cops are different these days.

3:27:00 Ali Siddiq as POTUS? I'd vote for him.

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