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JRE 1798 - Michael Shellenberger (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1798

Michael Shellenberger is an author, president of the non-profit research group Environmental Progress, and a candidate for the governorship of California. His most recent book, "San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities," is available now.

Michael is serious about his gubernatorial candidacy and it shows. Dispensing with too many pleasantries, he is out the gate talking about the disaster of San Francisco. For example, San Francisco had three times drug overdose deaths vs Covid deaths in 2020. There are also illegal supervised drug use centers in the city.

Most of the episode goes over the different aspects of homelessness and policy solutions. In the bottom half of the first hour, they talk about nuclear energy.

Michael and Joe also cover public schooling problems in some detail. Michael wants to increase the number of hours per day our kids are in these indoctrination camps... Dunno about that, Mike. Nap times for older kids? 🙄

Michael has a lot of sensible ideas, but also plenty of 🚩🚩🚩. If you live in California, you're going to want to listen to this. But at least we can all agree that Gavin Newsom sucks.


5:35 Where SF Homeless are coming from. People going to live there to service their addiction.

7:50 NYT sucks. Get away from that Rogan!

12:45 Biggest problem with guys like Donald Trump. Problems with media and the rise of Substack.

18:00 Best way to show you are honest. Social fear and groupthink.

23:00 Why Michael is running for Governor and what he stands for.

29:50 How bad is the drug problem?

37:00 Irrational energy fears - nuclear & fracking.

54:25 Anti-human de-populationists. (Like Bill Gates. F**** Bill Gates.)

58:00 Exercise benefits mental health.

1:11:00 Campaign promise for Day 1 on homelessness. More California homeless stats and handlings.

1:29:50 Where Michael would get the money for his programs. Why California's current solutions aren't working.

1:35:50 Rogan RantTM on defunding the police.

1:49:40 What is being done incorrectly on homelessness? (SF spends a BILLION on 10,000 homeless!?)

1:56:00 Public school stats. We need parental choice!

2:04:10 The agenda to woke-ify the universities. Why?

2:08:00 California transportation.

2:10:00 Is Michael prepared for the amount of aging he'll be going through after he's elected?

2:16:20 This is the best time ever to be smeared.

2:22:30 Big TRUMP energy from Michael. DRAIN THE SWAMP!

2:30:10 Anything Gavin Newsom does well? Hell no.

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