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JRE 1799 - Yannis Pappas (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1799

Yannis Pappas is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. He's also the host of the "Long Days with Yanni" podcast. Watch his special, "Blowing the Light," now available on YouTube.

Another episode of hilarious back and forth between two comedians. The topics go from serious to raunchy in about 20 seconds flat as these two literally just BS their way through things like science and war.

The first hour weaves through a host of subjects, including Russia's terrifying military technology. In the second hour, most of the conversation concerns itself with human biology and our future as cyborgs. The third hour is mostly about animals and includes some hunting tips and a bear attack story.

The episode wraps up with comedian shop talk and big tech censoring Yannis's podcast.


6:30 Hitler is a tough act to follow. Putin parallels.

10:30 Hypersonic weapons take "mutual destruction" off the table. Only China and Russia have them!?

14:20 Who has more dudes that are ready in hand-to-hand? Russians CRUSH the UFC.

16:20 How the leaders of the world should be chosen. (MMA talk)

24:25 How to achieve the Mike Tyson Mindset.

32:00 Fat people. Should there be a diet credit system?

36:45 Democracy makes people lazy and stupid. How could we find a good President?

40:00 Biden looks like a walking dead man compared to Trump. (Mediaite flipped out over this soundbite.)

46:15 Rogan insists that Trump has normal size hands.

51:00 Movie star privilege. The gift and the curse.

56:00 Elvis and fake martial arts.

1:04:00 Petrochemical products are slowly sterilizing our men: in food, air, water, human blood!

1:17:00 Taint size and masculinity. "Little dicks are making a comeback." These "journalists" are out of control!

1:21:50 The last bastion of comedy… memes!

1:24:55 Is Lia Thomas actually an undercover agent?

1:28:30 We're cavemen compared to the future.

1:46:00 We're going to be cyborgs. Rogan goes off!

1:54:00 Wildlife management.

2:03:00 Diversity of human looks and body types.

2:10:00 Supreme athletes, staph infections. Two topics that flow seamlessly from one to the next.

2:20:00 The last thing you want to see is your elk covered in dirt. Crazy bear story.

2:25:00 Wolves are cool af, and so are dogs.

2:39:00 Gut instinct and heart instinct. Science?

2:50:00 Decriminalizing domestic abuse in Russia. You can Will Smith your wife in Russia.

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