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JRE 1800 - Gavin de Becker (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1800

Gavin de Becker is a leading authority on the prediction and management of violence. A three-time presidential appointee, he and his firm Gavin de Becker and Associates have provided protection, investigation, and threat assessment services for numerous high-profile individuals and organizations.

Gavin had a rough childhood that primed him for an extensive career in violence prevention and management. At a young age, he was working with major celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor. Then he worked with Ronald Reagan. It just doesn't get any bigger than that!

Most of the first hour is Gavin's story of forging his long career. So, going into the second hour we are ready to hear intriguing stories of assassination prevention and protecting major celebrities.

Instead, they talk about COVID-19 stats, mandates, and lockdowns.

A missed opportunity for sure, but it doesn't stop Gavin from being an intriguing and entertaining guest.

We do get some insights into Gavin's expertise. His job is in recognizing early signals to avoid unwanted confrontations in the first place. His book (paid link) is called "The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence." He also offers a free master class on the subject.


13:00 The highly unnatural circumstances of modern fame.

33:15 Of every public figure attacked - none were threatened directly in advance by the person who killed them.

35:30 People sending weird things to public figures - like, fingers and stuff. 🤮 What are the early indicators of people who turn violent?

38:25 How people can get on your phone without you even needing to click anything - all they need is your phone number. The Saudi regime hacked Jeff Bezos' phone, for example.

53:00 The wet dream of every government on Earth.

54:30 The Jamal Khashoggi assassination. The Dissident documentary was backlisted by the Saudi regime.

58:30 King Charles in the 1600s banned coffee houses because of "false news."

1:00:30 The Trusted News Initiative - how major media outlets move to get on narrative. Covid-19 talk

1:07:50 The number one book in the country, Robert Kennedy's "The Real Anthony Fauci," that no one in mainstream media has even reviewed!

1:39:00 What do people in power like to see when they look over the castle wall?

1:54:50 75% of total television ad spend was pharmaceuticals.

1:58:00 Gavin's book "Gift of Fear" is now a free Master Class on his website, GiftOfFear.com. How tv news programs our fears and gets us to focus on the wrong things.

2:04:00 What kind of self-defense class does Gavin recommend? Joe Rogan disagrees! Rogan RantTM on model mugging classes.

2:14:30 But it's all good. They make up.

2:20:00 Should people be carrying weapons?

2:28:00 Body armor and bunkers.

2:43:00 Will we ever get an uncensored social media platform that doesn't suck?

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