JRE 1802 - Protect Our Parks 3 (Podcast Summary)

JRE 1802 - Protect Our Parks 3 (Podcast Summary)

Where Joe, Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir save precisely zero parks and blame it on aliens…

2:00 Aliens tell us earthlings: make vodka not war

8:00 Expert breakdown of Will Smith’s slapping technique and ties to Scientology

34:00 Crack and comics

45:00 Civil war

51:00 Milo, Pepe, and Trump

1:02:00 Victoria’s new secret

1:08:00 The inception of the R Kelly trapped in the closet watch party

1:25:30 Weinstein the Milk Dud Mule

1:29:30 Ari gets chased by a Chinese man with a bat

1:42:40 Chinese prisoner organ harvesting

1:46:00 Actually protecting parks? Maybe?

1:49:00 158 MPH downhill skiing

1:55:45 Comedy Ski Festival

2:05:00 Wrestlemania ensues

2:17:30 The Paul Brothers are here to stay

2:29:00 The contrarian responses to Will Smith’s slap

2:35:00 Trump’s America

2:50:00 10 beers in

3:07:00 Louis CK

3:12:00 You should probably skip to the next time stamp. Unless you like flaming hot Cheetos.

3:17:00 The Trump Diet

3:19:00 Can’t get you out of my head

3:25:00 The case for Chris Rock

3:32:00 Makes sense 4 comedians would do a 25 minute riff on stand up

3:57:00 Stand up in the era of the magic beer bug

4:06:00 Sex through a sheet?

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