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JRE 1810 - Remi Warren (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1810

Remi Warren is a hunting guide, writer, television personality, and host of the "Live Wild with Remi Warren" podcast.

Joe Rogan is an avid hunter. Remi Warren is an accomplished celebrity hunter. So, as you might have guessed, there will be a lot of talk about hunting.

Remi is an interesting dude. He was hit bit lightning as a young child. And his experiences and stories of hunting are incredible.

The top of the second hour is a great listen. Remi talks about the scariest things to ever happen to him - including a story of when his wife went missing for three days.


6:50 Archery is meditation.

9:45 Prolotherapy.

14:00 Catching your own food makes it more delicious. Hierarchy of dead animals on social media.

21:30 Hunting stag.

25:00 Why we need to hunt. California hunting laws and nonsense.

30:00 All the species we'd have to eradicate to get "back to our natural ecosystem."

37:30 You can't teach a cat to not kill a gerbil. Hunting in Lanai. Things to do in Hawaii.

44:00 Remi's been hit by lightning.

1:02:20 Scariest things that have happened to Remi. Including a harrowing story of having to find his missing wife.

1:29:00 The experience of witnessing the birth of your child is….kind of like hunting…? Why Rogan is now a forever hunter.

1:38:20 Amber Heard v Johnny Depp

1:46:00 Getting kids interested in martial arts and cooking fish. Florida's got a serious-ass python problem. Alligators are jerks and iguanas are yummy.

2:05:00 What's up with trophy rooms?

2:10:35 Nature is stranger than aliens.

2:15:00 Parasites from eating meat. Toxoplasmosis: from rat to cat to human.

2:23:00 The types of animals to hunt in Mongolia. Sheep hunting is expensive af.

2:31:50 Getting hunting footage.

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