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JRE 1814 - Radio Rahim (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1814

Radio Rahim is a broadcaster, journalist, reporter, and host of the "Til This Day" podcast available on Luminary.

This episode is filled with a lot of great boxing commentary that starts at the top of the second hour. From there, Radio Rahim flips it around and interviews Rogan about his life.

The third hour is essentially a journey through Rogan's early years as a fighter and the experiences that influenced and developed his mindset today.

One might forget they are listening to The Joe Rogan Experience. The episode sounds like Rogan is Rahim's guest on his own platform - until they realize that what we get in this episode really is an explanation of The Joe Rogan Experience.

All that is to say, this Radio Rahim guy has a bright future ahead of him as an interviewer.


9:30 What social media spills into real life.

14:00 How Radio Rahim quit smoking from two packs a day.

20:00 Why we don't want to read comments.

34:00 Should we trust the experts?

38:00 Who even has the time to research all this stuff? How the government gains and keeps power.

46:30 No one wants to admit they don't know.

49:00 John Stewart after the Daily Show, mainstream media incompetence, and the rise of new media.

1:02:30 Listening to music while you train is for pussies.

1:09:00 Limitations of boxing in a street fight. Boxing athletes and MMA athletes - could there be a hybrid fighting sport?

1:39:45 Jake Paul is for real. So is Canelo Alvarez!

2:10:00 Old man sports.

2:15:00 Food shortages.

2:20:00 Why Rogan is obsessed with professional fighting. Joe's mindest journey and evolution.

2:34:00 Exposure to violence in the womb and its effects.

2:45:00 Joe's transition from fighting to comedy.

2:52:30 The difference between losers and winners.

3:00:00 History of jiu-jitsu dojo wars.

3:12:00 How Rogan deals with bombing.

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