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JRE MMA Show 124 - Khalil Rountree (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - MMA Show 124

Khalil Rountree is a veteran UFC Light Heavyweight fighter, actor, and (maybe) aspiring podcast host.

This episode is a straight interview of the guest. We learn about Khalil's origin story, his fighting career, and his training in Thailand.

Khalil Rountree is an interesting MMA fighter with an interesting mindset about his job and the future. He has his focuses on creating wealth for himself and his family and securing a future beyond MMA. For example, he sees Bitcoin as the future and is deep into crypto.



10:00 Hip hop history. Wu-Tang documentary show.

18:00 Puff Daddy has never gotten a cent for "I'll Be Missing You"

23:50 Is this the first-ever rap song?

28:15 Bitcoin and the future.

34:00 The scariness of a government-controlled digital currency.

37:45 Khalil's fighting career.

57:00 Talking about fighters.

1:08:00 Khalil's acting career! The history of podcasts and convincing Khalil to start one.

1:25:00 How Khalil overcame suicidal thoughts and what he does to give back. What drove him to be an MMA fighter.

1:40:15 Shoutout to David Goggins.

2:00:00 How supplements can be tainted.

2:13:00 Training in Thailand.

2:36:55 How Thailand dealt with COVID-19.

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