Mandate SZN Part 1

Mandate SZN Part 1

Welcome to mandate season! There were 3 occurrences in my early life that made me realize what I was told/taught, and what was reality, were not congruent.

  1. 3rd Grade: realizing that Nazis didn’t have “news” they had “propaganda” that spread pro-Nazi values. So American pro-American values news is propaganda.
  2. 3rd Grade: The white pharaoh on the Social Studies textbook. I though black “savages” lived in Africa, not white people?
  3. 6th Grade: hearing “I Can” by Nas. So Africans were not savages!

B'fore we came to this country we were kings and queens

Never porch monkeys, there was empires and Africa called Kush

Timbuktu where every race came to get books

To learn from black teachers who taught Greeks and Romans

-Naz, "I Can"

That’s when I knew people were being lied to. As a kid, I wasn’t aware of the extent of the “lies”. Combine that with giving people the benefit of the doubt, and just being a self-absorbed youngin, I thought most people thought bout the world like I did.

The last few years of mandates have been eye opening that maybe I am not like the rest, and disappointingly, people are not who I thought they were. The mandates have revealed some deep seated truths about humans. Today we will go over the first half of my observations.

People are meant to be ruled over

That’s right I said it.

Take Your Mandate

....MOST are anyways.

This has been one of the most disappointing things unearthed with each mandate. Perhaps it has been a slow erosion created by centralization of power into the federal level, grade school indoctrination, laws, psychological stress, and mentally brutality. But for now, most people are meant to be ruled over. It has been shocking to see people beg to be told what to do, when to mask up, when to take off their mask, when to get their booster-shot. When to blame their life long friends and family, and when to love them.

I honestly believed people were like me, and with more information would make better decisions. In early 2020 I was met with vitriol, hate, and skepticism. All I did was post alternative media. Some common sense arguemnts:

  • BLM using black male death and eliminating the usefulness of the black male on their website and the nuclear family—we have a history since slavery of being awe-inspiring of our nuclearness. Why support a hypocritical organization, clearly a grift.
  • Trust the science, trust the gov—the same people are in power, but a month ago they were saying the gov was white supremacist and racist. But now it is fixed? So it was still racist when Obama was in office, or “First black president” Bill Clinton? The same congressmen/women are in power, but now all the sudden they are not racist?

Whatever the media told people to do, they did. People have been begging for someone to mandate what to do, how to think, with no recourse or apology to “their adversaries” (neighbors), when their adversaries are later proved correct. People desperately want to be told what to do.

Mandate = Failed Stress Test

The Elites are Right

The more I look at it, life is exactly like Leo DiCaprio says in the Wolf of Wall Street:

“People should give me their money, I knew how to spend it.”

You have to control idiots. People’s emotions, interests, and fears can get in the way of others’ own personal ambitions. As far as those things get in their own way - cool. But these past few years how shown that emotions, interests, and fears can be weaponized and leveraged to suppress competitive-brave people. Whether normal people's impulses are justified or not, if elites were to let the masses run freely, it would disrupt their own ability to win.

Most people have no idea what they want, how to get it, or how to be happy. Imagine if you knew exactly the answers to those questions, but all the normies are entering and exiting your competitive space. Disrupting and creating new unexpected obstacles and landmines AT ALL TIMES. That would be EXTREMELY FUSTRATING. Imagine the frustration of the Pfizered community towards anti-pfizers, and apply that animosity to your business life.

Life would be so much easier if you decided it for them. And if you could incentivize them with safety? Talk about calm waters.

Even though I think it's morally bankrupt, I get it.

Mandate for Thee, Not for Me

But at the same time, everyone else has to drive predictably safe, for me to drive assertively and be safe.

Empathy is dead

Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. A lot of people look at empathy and put themselves, their own rationale and reasoning, in the other person’s shoes. “I wouldn’t do that if I were them, therefore they are wrong.” True empathy operates in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. If the roles were reversed, and my desires were vilified, would I want someone to treat me badly or with sympathy?
  2. For them, their goals and ambitions, what they need to do for themselves, was it right or wrong?

Mandates have completely destroyed whatever empathy is left for a large portion of society. I have heard, and seen text messages where people are celebrating not giving people medicine of emergency treatment because they didn’t wear a mask. The unarmed insurrection on Jan. 6th, and Ashli Babbitt’s death, the people who cheer their punishment, should retroactively believe the same cruelty should have been exercised on the Black Panthers.

If a thing is good or bad in one situation, it should be the same in all reimagining of the same situation. Because should people let their hypocrisy run wild, then it's only a matter of time before it's their turn in Russian roulette.

PS: Are anti-Pfizers demanding Pfizers be locked up and refused medical attention for their choices? Are they saying they should be forced to not take the Pfizer? Are the anti-Pfizers demanding and saying things they wouldn't impose on themselves?

Integrity and Congruency

Coaches, family, friends, and acquaintances revealed themselves to be completely different people under the pressure of a mandate. Some for better, most for worse. It has been nice to see that some people haven’t let their character and integrity fold. But watching other people change for the worse has been mind blowing.

Watching the true character of people who implanted pieces of my greatness within me, completely flip script, has been the biggest tragedy over the last few years. I am talking about direct violation, no if-ands-or-buts about it.

  • “Don’t defer, be the alpha”
  • “God bless a child that has his own”
  • Be weary of the government and police
  • See the big picture; don’t have tunnel vision
  • Stress will kill you
  • The brain is a powerful thing, people who are freezing can convince themselves they are warm
  • Everything comes down to sales and marketing in the world
Mandate this.

There is a certain time after taking the red pill and learning game, that you begin to formulate an opinion over the alpha and beta-ness of others' relationships, and your own relationships. THAT was an interesting analysis that helps you see why good and bad things happen between the people you know. On a level, you get to see the truth behind their own programming and why certain treatments are afforded and denied to different people.

But watching people do a complete 180 and violate moral stances that they lived by before. Things that I admired in others and absorbed into my peronality. And things that they implanted in me from an early age. THAT has been so unbelievable to witness, that I still have not accepted this reality as a reflection of who they really are. 30 years on this earth, and in a few short years, everything I thought I knew is now a lie.

"Jarring" to say the least.

Women Need Strong Men

By strong, I mean mentally, and having moral conviction and congruency over who they are as a man, and what they stand for as a man. When the lockdowns kicked off my then girlfriend said:

“Everybody at work is freaking out, and its stressful, but the fact that you are so calm about this keeps me calm”

-Ex Girlfriend
End Result of Mandates

Men are in constant battle against the government for women. The government wants to weaponize innate female emotionalism and intuition. Using those to manipulate women into taxable consumers-pawns. Then, simultaneously using their mass numbers the drive down wages for all, while devaluing the dollar, subjugating all to the help and authority of the Government. And furthering female loyalty on towards the government and its provided assistance. Then putting the icing on the cake: using male thirst to self-subjugate men.

Without strong male leadership, we leave women unprotected against the world's psychological and emotional warfare of advertisers, marketers, fear, and the mainstream media. When separated we find women being weaponized against risk taking (male) behavior, ultimately working against the values and vision we share together at our fundamental cores:

  • Survival of the Organism: Security
  • Survival of the Species: Reproduction

Part 2 Next Week

Next week I will go over the second part of my observations. Addressing the weak constitution of the modern human, mental weakness, and the answer to the big question: "How did Germany end up as Nazi Germany?".

But as an eternal optimist, we will end next week with the bright future ahead for the people in society devoted to winning!

See yall next week.

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