Pandemic Logic Unexplained Part 2

Pandemic Logic Unexplained Part 2

What is explained and what is unexplained?

Today we will dive into part 2 of the questions I want answered. Once again this isn't about being anti-vazz or pro-vazz. This is about the arguments and narratives being pushed down our throats. And the thoughts behind those actions. My last post received a lot of kick back about the information I delivered, but no answers to my questions. My friends (enemies), I ask you to look at the questions I present. The information is there to guide you through my thought process, so that when you see the question you understand the context.

America is a business. People are a resource to be monetized.

Humans are the greatest resource on earth as much as they are customers. At the crux of business, its about reaching into the market and monetizing as many people as possible to make money. Usually through solving common problems. V for Vendetta identified the master sales strategy:

Create the problem, have the solution.
Create the Problem, Have the Solution

Financial Incentives Explained

There is a variety of different financial incentives for the business side of COVID from vaccine manufacturers to hospitals. Now I understand these things individually may not unearth a diabolical plot. They may not as a whole, but separate from other major points, indicate evil. But it is important to know that America is a business. At the very least, you can say that there are definite financial benefits with this pandemic. Specifically with the acknowledgement that the money is in the treatment, not the cure.

  • How much money per year does a company earn from Booster shots yearly + initial shot?
  • CDC admits they there does exist a financial incentive to inflate covid numbers
  • EUA requires no other viable treatments—viable treatments were banned, thought we needed to save lives?

I honestly believe that doctors and nurses believe they are doing good. But like the military, this is a chain of command - the only doctors I have noticed speaking out own a private practice. Beyond that, the notion that the front line workers know the whole plot, is farfetched.

  • So frontline doctors and nurses have access to all “above my pay grade” information, including what has to happen to make money at their hospital?
  • What is the typical ICU capacity?
  • What percentage of people in covid ward have covid symptoms and need treatment for covid, is it the same treatment as pneumonia/flu?

Flu, Beer Bug, Pneumonia Symptoms

The PCR test will have its EUA officially revoked starting in December. We also know that the PCR tests for flu and covid simultaneously. I don’t know for sure if the tests just says “hey they have one of these” or if it just reads “positive.” But, we do know that we miraculously saved humanity from the flu. I think it would be fair to assume that it was probably the “hey they have one of these” option.

If we are approaching max hospitalization and ICU capacities, then accurately identifying covid is critical to making sure the right people get treatment. So why maintain the opportunity for misdiagnosis until December? With death as the promoted alternative, we need to accurately identify the correct people now!

  • If MRNA vaccine tells the body which protiens to produce to fight beer bug, why is that process ineffective against the Flu, and other coronavirus pathogens that regularly attack children?
  • Why wait until December 2021 to officially revoke the PCR EUA, but move swiftly to ban other drugs that did help in the fight against Covid?
  • The 97% false positive rate, means that it was a false covid positive. Does that mean its actually a positive flu case or would that also be a false flu positive?
  • Could all the false positives be 100% all flu positives?
  • Are they knowingly using a test they know doesn’t accurately identify covid cases?
  • Are they going to adjust the past stats and eliminate the false positives?
  • Did they know this before hand?
Known Since the 90's


Saving lives should be the most important thing available. If other things get in the way of that, you really don’t care about saving lives as your core motivation. If you’ve read this far, you knew something was wrong the moment they called Trump racist for shutting down travel to China. Like saving lives only matters, if the optics are right. Imagine a black girl being stuck in a well, and you’re upset because a racist went in and saved her. So what other walk backs and hypocrisies ran rampant?

How are the people expected to take this seriously when the people who are telling us its serious behave otherwise?

Smart Virus
  • Did they really not know Cuomo sent the most at risk people back to die?
  • Why cover up the origins on the virus if we need to save the world?
  • "Trump's vaccine” is bad to take but “Biden's vaccine” leads to vaccine passports?
  • Why not mandate zinc, etc along with vazz?

Are lives important to save or not? Do they want people to take it seriously or not? The truth is the truth at all times. weather we like who delivers the message or not. If the end goal is us taking this sickness seriously, then it needs to be treated as such at all times. Not just when there is a dollar to be made, or a person to persuade.

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