Red Flags: She Belongs to the Streets!

Red Flags: She Belongs to the Streets!

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Are you talking to a quality woman or does she belong to the streets? The green lights for recreation are often red flags of women for long term relationships.

Individually these are anecdotal and maybe something to keep your eyes on. And certainly some are bigger alarms than other.

But like ants, often where there is one, there’s a colony.

Back into the game since November when I emerged from business building purgatory, I’m going to drop some subtle clues that are red flags and give insight into the type of woman you are dealing with.

1. Has her own place

While watching the Tinder Swindler there was a scene where it's revealed one of the women lives with her mom. My initial thought was, “oh she’s actually broke”.

Me second thought was, “she can’t be a ho with mom around”.

A woman living with her parents, or with a roommate has barrier to hoe'n. How effective of a barrier is another question.

But she’s more likely to have had more partners if she lives in a judgement free home.

I can say first hand that 100% of the time I had a potential lay end up in denial at her place, and a roommate was there and saw us. Never fails.

I’m talking levels of hot-to-coldness Mr. Freeze would be proud.

2. I’m a Nurse (medical field)

I don’t know what it is, maybe a sense of imperviousness since they have access to medicine, or whatever, but in my experience, nurses get after it.

I'm speculating but I believe it might be a cope for being around human suffering on the daily.

Having dated a vet, I’ve been privy to some of the psychological issues medical communist deal with as humans beyond that of the life grind. A part of that job is putting terminal animals with her own hands.

It takes a "special" type of person to experience life leaving a body, and return the next day for more. That can't be easy weighing on their conscience.

My ex did say that vets have one of the highest medical field suicide rates (by OD) than any other field.

In the onset of the lockdowns, nurses were out in full force—at least for me they were. And they all agreed on the national over raction.

This could be anecdotal, but if she’s a nurse, this could be a red flag.

3. “I’m a terrible texter”

If this were true imagine the opportunities she would miss out on IG, or forgetting to respond to her group chats with the homegirls.

Women are addicted to attention. And that phone is poppin.

She’s not a bad texter, she just has better opportunities beyond you, OR you are that poor of an opportunity.

And she’s not being a best friend with those options either.

When she comes around to message you back, understand that she looks at you as lower value that whatever else options she had on her plate.

Women who value you will respond relatively quickly. Social media and dating apps have corrupted this, but there is always a certain level of man that gets an instant response.

4. She has an IG

Instagram is the single greatest dating app in the world. But it has also caused massive inflation of the female ego.

Unless you date boogerbears, if she is on IG someone is sliding into those DMs, or liking her photos.

Male thirst is at an all time high, so why park your lambo in the hood?

Women who value their Instagram like reality will simultaneously be unbearable as humans. And the more sexualized the IG, and the more likes, the more likely she will have realized she doesn’t have to do much to be valuble to the world.

If showing ass is all it takes to have men throw themselves at her, there is literally no incentive for her to grow beyond that. Especailly when being so shallow is rewarded immensely.

Additionally, women will actually give you flack about deleting it when they want to be serious with you.

A massive red flag that equals: she shouldn’t have to sacrifice the attention of others to be with you.

5. Tough Exterior

This has two parts to it, we’ll cover the bad first.

Women who have tough outer shells likely will have trama that they will project on you.

This cause you to waste tremendous abouts of time and irritation battling an untrue perception. While not being given the deserved benefit of the doubt, and ultimately fighting to prove yourself AFTER she has already decided she likes you.

In a way this is a massive shit test, which brings us to the good:

These girls are ultra submissive and feminine.

While I hate, and think conditional femininity is STUPID, I have sound these women to be extremely sweet, feminine, honest, and affectionate.

Because they spend so little time giving out their femininity, they have not had the reps to consistently regulate it. As a result, when they love they love hard.

Wednesday night I met an Olympic pole vaulter. She definitely had a hard shell down to the hair cut, I told her,

“You’re a total softy inside” She gave me a crazy look. “like a baby tiger. Cute, lovable, I just want to cuddle it….

……but you’re still a tiger and will try to swipe my face off.”

She gave me an ear to ear smile, with a light in her eyes. She was extra sweet and cuddly the rest of our night out.


Like I said, individually these things may be non issues.

And some are bigger than others, like working in the medical field vs shaking ass on the gram.

But as she starts to run the red flags up like the Xi-Putin alliance, you’ll start to notice consistencies between these different women and similar signals.

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