Scott Adams Whitesplains Himself

Scott Adams Whitesplains Himself

After three days of having the internet in upheaval over his controversial comments, Scott Adams agreed to do one single interview.

In one long-form interview, he would explain the context and intentions of his controversial recommendation that white people should “get the hell away“ from black people.

He used even stronger language than that, but if you haven’t been living under a rock, you already know that.

No one is better suited to conduct this exclusive interview than Men Of Order‘s own Hotep Jesus.


The opinions have ranged from resounding applause for the courage of both men to engage in this challenging conversation, to incredulity at what seemed like either a backpedal or a dramatic pivot from Adams.

There has been much conjecture about Adams’ sincerity and even the manner in which Hotep Jesus conducted the interview—with some saying they would have taken a different approach and asked tougher, or at least different, questions.

These criticisms are not necessarily invalid, but they must be considered in the following context: 1. Love him or hate him, Adams didn’t necessarily owe anyone the explanation he gave over the nearly 2-hour discussion. 2. Only one person was able to land this interview and

3. This conversation was a very fluid, live dialogue with a large audience from a variety of backgrounds, and words were clearly chosen carefully to minimize distraction and maximize the impact of the interaction.

The Topics

This conversation covered a wide range of topics, from Adams’ claims of identifying as black, to his claims to have offered help to BLM and Colin Kaepernick’s protest, to reparations, to education.

But the lightning rod topic that everyone tuned in for was the discussion of the Rasmussen poll about whether it is “OK to be white” and Scott’s very honest reaction to the results of that poll.

Really? Really?

Questions as to Adams’ genuine nuance are not unfounded. If the charged statements he made on Wednesday were not meant to be taken 100% at face value, but to be considered with significant context and nuance, why were that context and nuance missing from his Wednesday stream?

Why did it take three days to produce a response that clarified and gave him the wiggle room he needed to soften a stance that has made him quite the hero in certain disreputable circles (circles he repeatedly disavowed during the interview)?

Is he really burning the ships and testing the limits of free speech as he sets his sights on retirement?

Was he trolling for engagement?

Or was he really trying to rip open a wound that has been festering for centuries in America so the healing process could begin?

Absent a polygraph or Elon’s Neuralink to read Adams’ mind, all I can do is take the man at his word and continue to observe to see if he holds true to it or if his provocative rant proves to be motivated by something more sinister.

If you haven’t seen it already, click here, watch it, and decide for yourself.

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