Shut up and rap! Nicki Minaj

Shut up and rap! Nicki Minaj

It's all fun and games until you say something real...

Nicki Minaj has never been confused as an activist or a spokesperson on social issues. At the beginning of the pandemic, there have been sweeping modifications to what we call freedom in America. 15 days to flatten the curve has quickly become 15 months to flatten the framework of democracy. Mask mandates transformed into vaccine mandates and soon to come vaccine passports. I saw this coming from a mile away—the government would never waste a good crisis. Since I witnessed how the government expanded their power after 9-11 I knew precisely how America can transition into a more totalitarian model—the method of using fear! Our rights have been stripped away over the previous two decades and pandemic overreach is a perfect excuse to take away our remaining freedom. I thought for sure more people would speak out. I thought certainly others would recognize this familiar playbook used throughout America's recent history. To my surprise, not only have people gone along with the early stages of a totalitarian society spearheaded by the corporate left, but the liberal left who might be against mandates have gone mute?

Where have all the microwave activists gone?

Since American culture and pop culture are one and the same, subsequently celebrity worship is at an all-time high. I was waiting for the celebrities to speak up. I figured hey, a regular Joe like myself can tell you to vote but a celebrity like P Diddy telling you to "vote or die" and sell you a cool t-shirt along with a polished media campaign have infinitely more reach. I'm ashamed to admit that I was waiting for enough people in the public eye to speak out against mandates, do the heavy lifting so to speak, for the rest of of us. Hey why not? I've sat thru a million speeches at award shows. I've seen a million protests at sporting events when I'm just trying to be entertained. It’s the least they can do!

When I think about it we've had a pretty "woke" few years complete with rioting in the streets, protesting and civil unrest. Every grifter this side of Shaun King had their spotlight diminished by Trump leaving office, so in my opinion being a nonconformist, anti-vaxxer is a grift goldmine but still nothing! I figured good ole' Martin Luther Cream would be chomping at the bit waiting for a grift of this magnitude. But alas, month after month, not a word. No ball players speaking out. No country singers. Hell, not even my favorite comedians had a word to say! So to my surprise it was the hero we never knew we needed to be the first A list celebrity to openly question the vaccine—the queen of hip hop for the last 10 years, Nicki Minaj. And the fact that Nicki merely questioned the jab got her banned from Twitter! Which is pretty eye-opening due to the fact Twitter has multiple cases where they will not remove material that sexually exploits minors from their platform. Twitter is allegedly a hotbed for sex trafficking and pornography. Interesting to say the least?

"Every grifter this side of Shaun King had their spotlight diminished by Donald Trump leaving office."

Jonesy "the Podfather"

It "I asked y'all if you feel me and the crowd left me stranded"

Shortly after Nicki tweets about the side effects the “jab” had on a friend of a family member back home, their government rushed to deny that ever taking place as if they have a direct line to every person in the county. The White House denied inviting her to the White House and the liberal media went into full attack, slander, and discredit mode. So I have to ask where are all the celebrity activists? Surely that can't all be pro-vax, surely they cannot all be 100 percent behind the measures being taken to get Fauci Ouchi in everyone's arms? It's impossible. The silence from the entertainment world goes to show you precisely where that selective outrage and activism comes from…. It's bought! Where is Black Lives Matter? When lives for generations to come will be affected, black lives and future black lives will be affected by a mandate.

Bust down Aunt Tomiana

MSNBC host Joy Reid admitted she was 'hesitant' of the COVID-19 vaccine, but has since changed course as she responded to singer Nicki Minaj's vaccine hesitancy claims.

Reid, whose parent company, NBC Universal, requires vaccination for all in-office employees like herself, admitted on her show Thursday that she was hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine under the Trump administration. “Listen, I understand the hesitancy,” she said as she spoke to Michael Dyson on her show Reid Out about Minaj, who she's been feuding with all week.

“I was hesitant when Donald Trump was out there controlling the CDC and controlling the FDA and manipulating them and making them put out falsehoods. Anybody rational was hesitant.”

Joy Reid

Joy Reid wasted no time attacking Minaj. Reid has since changed course since Biden took office and has been pushing the vaccine, especially among the black community, which has the lowest vaccination rate in the US. Reid blasted Minaj for using her 22 million followers to spread “false information” about the vaccine.

The hip-hop star claimed her cousin's friend in Trinidad got the vaccine and experienced swollen testicles as a result, which lead to republican Tucker Carlson and others to back the anti-vaccine view of Minaj.

Reid was angered by Minaj's supposed misuse of her platform.

Conversely, the right-wing shamelessly wasted not time trying to “embrace” Nicki. Everyone from Ben Shapiro to Tucker Carlson tried to grift off of Nicki's message and it shows the lack of principles. The same people who routinely trash black culture, which at this point is disappointing, to play politics with something so vital at stake. The right wants to be one of the "cool kids" once one of the celebrities they tell to shut up and rap or dribble shows the slightest sign they have common ground, making right wing pundits seem desperate.

Only the Barbz can save us now. It's been a few days and the Barbz have single-handedly substantiated every statement Nicki made. The real question is where is the rest of Hollywood—and I mean woke Hollywood!?! Where are all of the microwave activists? I'm going to need a lot more than Randy Jackson and the C list R&B singer Tank to speak out against the thinly vailed power grab.

Truth is, the corporate left is in lock step with the powers that be as it is and their totalitarian plans forcing people to take the "jab. Gone is the false sense of being on the side of freedom. Whether you believe that the jab is for you or not, the option to choose what's right for you should not be eliminated. A year ago you had two entire sports leagues stand in protest of everything under the sun but not something as fundamentally normal than the right to choose what goes into your body?

It's just sad it took a woman to stand independently and risk her career. Is this a ploy to deflect the controversy surrounding her husband possibly. Either way, I stand with the Barbz on this.
Nicki Minaj exposing exactly how the media works

Real heroes sacrifice their own well-being for the greater good of others. News flash—taking a stand doesn't come with redacted signature on the check you're deposited. Be careful who you support being doxxed or cancelled—last year Donald Trump being cancelled set the stage for others to follow. When we do not agree with a person in the public eye, getting cancelled is "funny" and meme worthy until it's you.

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