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Valuable Lessons When Dealing with a Socialist

The socialist plebs will drag you to hell...

...if you let them.

I once tweeted,

"After you master a skill sell your knowledge."

Apparently, the word 'sell' is a trigger in the program of the mind of the socialist plebs.

The unwitting socialist grunts his reply, "Spoken like a true capitalist, sell something that was never yours to begin with. knowledge is not owned, but stumbled upon and borrowed."

Now, here's where most people make a mistake. They would respond to that guy.

But this guy is not qualified for the conversation.

'Ignorant' has the word 'ignore' in it, so if the ignorant choose to ignore my point, then why shouldn't I ignore them...and their fragile opinions, which lack foundation & respect?

They see the world through only one window. Their window...which was carefully crafted for them.

But many windows are accessible to us. Every person on the internet provides a different POV. They offer you a window through which to view the world. It's up to you if you choose to see the world from their view, if not momentarily.

The plebs spend so much time trying to break your windows, they never create their own.

They are AI.

Place emphasis on "artificial" intelligence. They think they're in control but someone else is writing the program.

Instead of trying to understand your point, they seek to impose theirs. Their mind defaults to the code of the program written by a nefarious socialist warlord who preys on their insecurities.

Here's the rule with giving people your time.

If they're challenging you in order to understand your point better, they may provide valuable conversation.

But if they seek to draw an inaccurate interpretation of your statements, they do not want peace & harmony, they want to combat.

So, if you want to sharpen your debate sword, these people make great sparring partners. But if your sword is already sharp and you have better things to do, don't engage!

Small brains don't contemplate. They pontificate.

Bryan Sharpe

When you master a skill you gain experience. Experience is knowledge applied.

You can't buy experience. You must live it, to say you did it.

So, the experienced can't exactly sell you "experience." But they can allow you to be a fly on the wall and witness their lived experiences.

This witnessing of lived experiences allows you to navigate the given arena, confidently, whether it be learning investing, marketing, fishing, or whatever the master is teaching you from their lived experience.

As a kid, you learn lessons from stories. The "Tortoise and the Hare" or "The Boy Who Cried, Wolf."

Stories allow you to witness an experience.

It is a privilege to be able to learn from another person's experience from a thousand miles away. This is the first time in recorded history this is possible.

Millions of people will go all of 2022 without even coming close to someone who knows where the great experiences are, let alone actually getting to witness one.

Leveling up is definitely about whose experiences you witness.

Ben Settle wrote a book about this called, "Copy Troll" and he included me in one of the chapters for being a master of this marketing art.

For proof, let's look at what I've done since my interaction with the socialist pleb.

I've turned his ignorance into scrolls of wisdom.

He literally gave me a day's worth of content!

And what did that socialist get? Nothing but a headache from complaining about capitalists all day.

Meanwhile, I turned his slack into abundance.

That's called transmutation and they know nothing about that.

Tips and tricks are cool but what you need is a system.

Systems come with tips and tricks but more importantly, they include your areas of focus.

What's the most common question amongst startup founders?

Where should you place your focus?

Where you place your focus is what matters most!

If you want the Hotep Jesus system of psychological marketing to discuss your area of focus, get a copy of "Dominate Twitter" NOW and destroy the socialists!

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