The #1 Reason Diets Don't Work

The #1 Reason Diets Don't Work

The Yo-Yo Phenomenon

We’ve all been there. Maybe you got a little heavy at some point and decided it was time to get back in shape and lose those extra pounds. So you did the reasonable thing…You went on a diet.

You had some success, started getting thinner, looking, and feeling better. You are eating as the plan goes, exercising, and taking care of yourself. Then, it happens.

You start slip sliding back into your old habits. You get off of the plan once or twice, and it gets easier and easier to let go. You stop exercising and start overeating. The weight finds its way back. This time it brought friends.

It’s the same story. Over and over. This phenomenon even has a name, yo-yo dieting. Lose weight, gain it back. Lose it again, gain it again. Like a yo-yo, up and down.

The Magic Pill

The U.S. weight loss industry was worth and estimated $72 Billion in 2019. That’s a lot of weight loss! But the truth is, many of those are repeat customers. America will never run out of weight loss customers! We try this diet, then another, looking for that magic pill.

But the magic pill cannot be found in the diet. That’s why people most often end up back where they started. In fact, you already have the magic pill. It’s inside of you right now.

The magic pill is your mind.

Make A Decision Now

Diets don’t work because they don’t address the mental aspect of losing weight. They only teach you what and when to eat. It’s focused entirely on the food. Which is important, but only a part of the equation.

Until you’ve made the firm mental decision, and have completely sold yourself on changing, you will have a tough time. Because if you are not all in, when hard times hit, you are more likely to jump ship.

But when you make a true commitment. You make that final decision, once and all for yourself. You powerfully visualize a future of abundance and health. And you take action toward it everyday. Then, success is inevitable.

This is true not only of losing weight, but of almost everything in life. Other habits like smoking and drinking require unquestioning certainty toward change. Marriage, without an almost otherworldly commitment, will not work. Finances, spirituality, relationships, it’s all the same game. Once you train your subconscious mind toward growth, everything else takes care of itself.

Tapping Into These Incredible Powers of the Mind

There are many ways to access the deeper parts of the mind. Dreaming, meditation, exercising, plant medicines, and extreme physical conditions like starvation or lack of sleep (not recommended), are just a few.

After being a licensed practitioner over the last 10 years, hypnosis has become my preferred method. Being a hypnotist has shown me over and over how powerful the mind is, and how quickly change can happen with a shift in the subconscious.

A lot of clients come to me for weight loss hypnosis. In my opinion, this is a great approach, because once the mind is right, almost any diet will work. Once you are firm in your decision and in touch spiritually with your reasons why, then you will eat the foods that you know you should be eating. The funny thing is, we know exactly what to do to be in amazing shape, we just don’t do it.

To make it easy for people to learn this, I created a 30-day weight loss hypnosis program called Feel Great Lose Weight. Although it does include diet and exercise, the real “meat” of the course is the hypnosis, meditation, and spiritual practice imbedded within it. In my experience this is THE MOST CRITICAL ASPECT of longterm success.

What is Hypnosis?

You might think you’ve never been hypnotized, but you have. We actually go in and out of hypnosis all day long. Have you ever spaced out and daydreamed while you were driving so completely that you forget how you even got there? Hypnosis.

Have you ever been so enthralled in a book, movie, or sports event that you have lost awareness of your surroundings? Hypnosis.

Have you ever scrolled through your phone apps mindlessly looking at what comes down the feed next? Hypnosis.

Have you ever been so in love with someone or had such great sex that the world falls away around you? Hypnosis.

When you are in deep state of trance, then you are in hypnosis. Every one of the big influence institutions; religion, marketing, politics…They all know how this works. The T.V. is an incredible hypnosis machine. It lulls you into trance with entertainment, then subconsciously feeds you messages and suggestions to do, think, or buy certain things.

Learn to use this power for yourself. Let not your ship be steered by the master manipulators. Get control of your own thoughts, your own decisions, your own subconscious mind. Whatever you decide, will be.

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Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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