The Batman is Outstanding (Movie Review)

The Batman is Outstanding (Movie Review)

If you want to see well-made man’s man’s movie without a film of woke residue under your shoes, The Batman is just what the doctor ordered.

I Hate Spoilers

If I wanted to know a bunch of details about a movie before going to see it, I would just have you tell me everything about the movie and then just skip the price of admission.

But if I’m gonna take a little break from the grind to have my imagination stimulated, I’d rather go into it tabula rasa. Or at least as close to it as possible.

To make sure I didn’t go into this movie with any preconceived notions beyond what I already knew about the cast and the fact that it received a near 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I avoided all trailers and commentary on any specifics.

If this is you, stop reading now, bookmark this post, and come back after you’ve seen the movie.

I’ll avoid spoilers as much as possible but I want to make my case for why this one is definitely worth seeing.

Robert Pattinson
The Batman

Glitter Face Pattinson? Really? Yes.

I always hated the Twilight series and a lot of that disdain funneled towards the pasty, glitter-faced Robert Pattinson. You can imagine when I heard he was going to be the new Batman, I cringed on the inside.

But I have to say, he proved me wrong and was really solid. Actually beyond solid if I’m being honest.

Remember when Heath Ledger carried the best Batman movie ever (The Dark Knight still holds this post)? Pattinson owns this movie and needed no such Oscar worthy supporting performance to carry him.

Pretty Boy Pattinson Masculinity Level=Refreshing.

Robert Pattinson
Zoe Kravitz
The Batman

Men of Order Move and Build in Obscurity

“They think I’m in the shadows. I am the shadows.”

-The Batman

These days, you never know what kind of weirdo agenda will rear its head in even some of the most iconic characters and storylines. So I had my concerns.

Were they gonna turn “The Batman “into a woke spotlight of “The Catwoman“? Was it going to be an eco-terrorist sympathy piece like the Dark Knight Rises?

Or were we just going to get a solid throwback Batman movie where I could just sit back and enjoy without having to roll my eyes at the political messages shoehorned into a tortured plot?

Thankfully the dark, gritty backbone of Gotham City was on full display and you will not be disappointed here.

Woke Agenda Levels=Minimal.

The Batman
DC comics
DC universe
Sins of the father

Sins of the Father

This is as close as I’ll get to a spoiler without really giving much away. The Batman story has always had a consistent thread of orphanage.

Which son fares better? The son whose father abandoned him for the son whose father is murdered in front of him?

“You needed a father but all you had was me.”

Alfred Pennyworth

I can’t help but think the son who’s father abandoned him is left to blame himself at least on some level, unfair as that may be.

But what is Bruce Wayne’s response to watching his father murder before his eyes? “I’m vengeance.”

Fatherhood Lessons=Attention Worthy

Robert Pattinson
The Batman
DC Universe
Gotham City

Order Amid Chaos

What’s a good Batman story without some good old police corruption, organized crime, and psychotic villainy? Well there’s no disappointment here either.

“He moonlights as a cop” -The Batman

Character complexity rarely takes a backseat to convenient plot devices, which was refreshing. No hero is without his demons and no villain is without his reasons.

Fidelity to Gotham Culture=High

It’s a really long movie, coming in at just under three hours, but I and both of my boys thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely recommend it.

Men of Order Overall Rating=3.25/4 Stars

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