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This is Why You Should Fly First Class

First class is where dreams are made

When climbing the financial hierarchy it is important to be conscientious of your money decisions. However, cheap choices create a cheap life. Do you put 89 octane in your car or 93? Hopefully, you don't put regular gas in your car. In the long term, this will affect the condition of your vehicle (assuming your vehicle requires 93 octane).

The same goes for your body. If you put cheap foods in your body expect cheap results. Men who eat expensive care about their bodies. For example, there are two kinds of orange juice. The kind from concentrate and fresh squeezed. You can get a half gallon of OJ from concentrate for five bucks or spend eight dollars for a quarter gallon of free squeezed.

Many individuals will skimp and purchase the OJ from concentrate trying to save money. But they will spend more in the long run because that stuff isn't good for you. Fresh squeezed however is beneficial for your health and pays dividends.

If you get sick you can't work and therefore lose money. Being in good health means more work hours and thus more income.

There's this argument about how billionaires spend on fashion. People say they only wear t-shirts. But often those t-shirts are not your Target variety that comes five in a pack for $25. They may spend as much as $200 on a white t-shirt.

You may think that is insane but which shirt lasts longer? Your Target variety shirts will last three washes max (if that) before they no longer look the same as when you first bought them. But that $200 shirt can last through many washes and still hold its quality.

Who spends more in the long run if you always have to replace those shirts?

Sometimes buying expensive means saving money. The same goes for electronics. If you buy a cheap cellphone charger you will find that you soon have to replace it over and over again.

For example, you can be cheap and buy a battery-powered pencil sharpener. But you will have to replace those batteries repeatedly. Even if you buy rechargeable batteries, what you save in money you lose in time (charging time). Time is money.

However, if you spend a little more and get the pencil sharpener that plugs into the wall it lasts for years, offers peace of mind (no charging), and is of better quality. Battery-powered pencil sharpeners don't sharpen a pencil as efficiently as the kind you plug into a wall socket.

Let's go back to fashion for a moment. Many men try to skimp on their fashion budget. They choose to wear cheap or uninteresting clothing. But there is no investment benefit there. So, why would anyone choose to invest their money or time into you?

When I make appearances I wear a tuxedo. At conferences, I stand out. People gravitate toward me. In conversations, people invest more of their attention in me. They see that I have invested in my appearance so they believe it is beneficial to invest their attention in me. My fashion piques their curiosity.

Dress like a king and you will be treated like one.

There is a meta-benefit in play here as well. You feel different when you're dressed to the max. You even walk differently. Your confidence is boosted. This boost in confidence is recognized by others subconsciously if not consciously.

By dressing like you're a first-class man you land more women and more deals. People take you a lot more seriously than your counterparts who haven't invested in their looks.

You do not always have to spend big to look big. Looking different gives you the same benefit. Investing does not always equate to money. Time can be invested as well and people know when you've invested time into your look.

None of the above suggestions is an excuse to be financially irresponsible. It is a suggestion to be responsibly expensive. Investors invest in people who invest in themselves.

Now, let's talk about flying first class.

Flying first class can be expensive. But it is not in all cases. To some destinations, a coach ticket is $300 and the first-class upgrade is $700. Are you really going to miss that $500? If you're an entrepreneur that $500 is an extra tax write-off.

Let's go back to emotions and health. Is that cramped coach seat going to be good for your back and knees? Probably not. When you're in line to board the plane and you're in line 1 instead of line 2 and you're the first to board it gives you a sense of relief and peace of mind. The same goes for when you get off the plane.

When you're in first class you gain a confidence boost. You feel a sense of accomplishment. You feel important. All of this is paramount for achieving your goals.

Confidence is a frequency. With this frequency, you attune yourself to abundance. Things begin to happen for you and your benefit naturally. Success becomes effortless. Without confidence, you attract a slum life and the universe starts to work against you. How you feel is what you attract.

Now, put all of this aside and focus on the real benefit of flying first class.

The adage goes, you are the sum of the people around you. If you want to be wealthy then surround yourself with wealthy people. Wealthy people fly first class.

On my last flight, I was sitting in seat 1A. I sparked up a conversation with my seat neighbor over the delicious pastry. "Don't you just love this thing?", I asked. This was my icebreaker.

As the conversation developed I discovered that he was a commercial real estate developer. Now, I could have taken the time on the flight to talk about myself but I didn't. This man was 60 years old, had a net worth of about $80m, and obviously knew how to accumulate wealth.

That's when I postured as a student. One thing you must understand about people is that they love to help others and they love talking about themselves.

Anyway, I began my friendly interrogation about how he built his wealth. I probed him for insight into real estate investing. When we landed I received a real estate education worth millions (or more). And all it cost me was a first-class ticket.

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