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How Communists are Encroaching on Our Daily Lives

A communist is not someone who read a manifesto, rails against capitalism on his iPhone, and wants free shit from the government.

Being a communist has nothing to do with professed beliefs. Like all things, being a communist has to do with the results of actions.

It’s time for class. Pay attention.

Communism comes with a specific philosophy. We aren’t talking about just a new tax code and some welfare programs. We’re talking about an entire belief of "what is" and "how it came to be", and "where it must go."

Commie Theory 101

The philosophy of the communist is dialectical materialism. What is that? Let’s keep it very simple. (The philosophy purists will curse me for keeping it this simple. It is inherently this simple.):

Materialism – the doctrine that the only reality is physical matter.

Dialectic – the process of developing a new idea from the conflict of two opposites.

Dialectical materialism – the doctrine that social progress is driven by conflict inherently caused by material needs and desires.

Dialectical materialism is not just how the communist views and understands history, but it is also his method of how to progress forward.


The game of progressivism is the creation of conflicts.

They know all they need to do is create an opposition, or directly oppose something, and they will, eventually - like water eroding the land - arrive.

Informed now by the above, think about some of the social conflicts we are battered with on the daily.

All of that is communism at work.

The day you became woke

Now let’s get deeper.

You may think you are a good soldier defending “your side” of a conflict. But “your side” of just about any social conflict is a contrivance made by the same people you’re supposedly fighting. They either assigned it to you, or you opted into it willingly.

You think you are fighting progressivism. You aren’t. Because the progressivism isn’t “over there”. The conflict itself is the progressivism. By the very act of engaging alone, you contribute to the ends - you become a progressive.

So I will say it again:

Progressivism isn’t “on the other side” of a social conflict.

The conflict itself is the progressivism.


Think of a chess player who sets up a board. The next part of this analogy is not that you are playing chess with him. No, no. He’s playing both sides of the board. You are just a piece on one side of the board. And you are in the same state of unawareness about that as if you were an actual wooden pawn on an actual chess board.

There are no true “sides” to the above game - only the illusion of sides.

If both sides of the same conflict push toward the same result, then are there really two sides?

Are a Rachel Maddow and a Sean Hannity playing to opposite goals? They might think they are, but the results of their “conflict” leads to no constructive resolution whatsoever, but to only a continued erosion of the social discourse, liberty, the nation, etc.

The Rachel Maddow might be an avowed progressive, but the Sean Hannity is no less a progressive – in fact, he is the one more in the dark about what he’s doing. So you might say Rachel Maddow really is the one who is WOKE, except I don't think she actually realizes what she's doing either!


The only way out of this is the doctrine of non-engagement. There is the doctrine of building. There is such a thing as creating. There’s education. There are hundreds and hundreds of other philosophies and other ways to bring about change, to bring about restorations. Go find them.

The Renaissance was not informed by communist philosophy. That's what we need right now: a renaissance.

Find some people who sit outside of these contrived conflicts. Engage with them. Look at what they are doing. Give them a hand. Create something.

We created Men of Order to inspire you to go create something. Go create something!

Then, when you come back to compete, you won’t be playing the progressive’s game. You will be playing an elevated game, and one of your own actual choosing.

And if you get lost and find yourself sliding back into these constructed conflicts, ask yourself only this question:


So. How entrenched are you in the so-called “culture war”?

That’s the degree to which you are a communist. But hopefully now you see a way out.

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