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6 Reasons Why Your Life Absolutely Sucks

1. You Lack Focus!

Some people make the mistake of calling me a “Jack of All Trades”. What these so-called specialists don’t understand is that I’m a super-specialist. My innate abilities allow me to specialize in many fields and galvanize them into the ultimate weapon.

For example, we’ve created the most important organic movement in Hotep Nation. This movement spearheaded a philosophy and mindset which brought you Jianchor as you see it today. Without Hotep Nation, there is no Jianchor.

A super-specialist is one who specializes in one thing for a certain period of time, masters it, and then moves onto the next thing. This gives him an armory of powerful skills which will one day coalesce into something paramount to the greater society.

Whether you’re a specialist or super-specialist, you must sit down with one thing and master it. In my 20s, I sold mortgages, launched a photography company, record label, entertainment blog and finally went on to becoming a touring artist. Then, in my 30s, all of the skills learned during this journey fused into the ultimate ammunition for marketing firepower.

Sales experience from the mortgage industry became extremely valuable. I used to sit next to Wall Street stock brokers and compete to see who could close the most loans. Being a touring artist eradicated the stage fright I had as a teenager. My entertainment blog, which did millions of monthly views, would give me the experience I needed to launch successful web properties.

2. You're Surrounded by Frienemies!

Take a look at your friends. Put them into two categories. Optimistic and pessimistic. For now, throw out all of the pessimistic friends. Take a look at your optimistic friends and put them into two categories. Driven vs unmotivated. Start to distance yourself from the unmotivated friends and spend more time with your driven compadres.

Now, your pessimistic friends must be split into two basic categories. Critical thinkers and negative attitudes. Take these negative attitude frienemies and completely remove them from your life. They are bloodsuckers and will drain the life from you and anything you put your energy into.

For your pessimistic critical thinkers, these are your quality assurance people. When you have developed an idea or begin to develop an idea, you bring it to them and let them pick it apart. They’ll make you better. Keep in my mind that you should remove emotion completely from your interactions with them, otherwise their pessimism may destroy your motivation.

For your unmotivated but optimistic friends, you can keep them around. Just not too close. You spend time with them occasionally to boost your spirit. They will take joy in your projects. But maybe one day, you will rub off on them and they will become motivated.

3. You Suck With Money!

Most people don’t understand money. In order to understand money you first must know the history of money, as it exists today. I’m talking about fiat currency. To make a long story short, the financial decision makers created fractional reserve currency, which means money only partly backed by something like gold or silver. Paper money had a 1:1 ratio to gold, silver, or other hard assets, which means you could redeem the paper currency for some amount of weight in gold, for example. This means that the bank would hold as much gold as there existed paper currency. This is sustainable and ethical banking.

But then someone got clever or insidious, depending on how you look at the world, and printed more paper currency than they had in gold. Unfortunately, people were depositing their gold in the bank and receiving paper currency in return. But since there was more paper than gold in the economy, when people started cashing in paper for gold the bank ran low on gold. To stop the run on gold the bank banned the redemption of paper for gold. In places like France, this caused people to revolt and John Law was forced to flee the country to save his life.

But while the economy was booming, before the revolt, some people purchased hard assets with their paper money, like buildings, land, farms, animals weapons, etc. They made investments! When the economy collapsed they were able to trade for real currency like gold and silver because they had hard assets. They would survive the collapse. People who were caught holding the paper currency weren’t as fortunate.

There are capital goods and there are consumption goods. Most people trade their fiat for consumption goods. Basically, they put someone else’s kid through college and pay someone else’s bills, while they struggle with their own bills.

Don’t get caught holding the bag! Trade your fiat notes for capital goods! Start investing or you’ll be looking at your ugly boss until you’re 70!

4. You Don’t Study!

You found your focus, removed frienemies from your life, and now you’re ready to invest with your cash flow. At the crux of your ascension is studying.

“Identify what you love, study it, then sell your experience.”

Hotep Jesus

I once went for a job interview and failed to get the job. But I didn’t know the answers to the questions. It was so bad that I didn’t even understand the questions. I took responsibility for my ignorance and spent the next year studying. I even took on jobs that paid less than I desired just to study under someone with more experience.

Only a few years later I would become a co-founder (coinbits.app) with the same founder who once denied me a job.

What’s my superpower? I study more than the next guy. The bulk of my day is spent studying. This study prepares me for the majority of issues or problems I will face.

Some people go to college to learn some...thing. Let's take for example, software development. You don't need college for this, unless you like to procrastinate and waste money. You believe some paper on your wall will make you more valuable. Why haven't you studied code before college? Why haven't you built a few apps already? With the internet there are endless resources to learn almost anything.

Study your craft passionately and daily. Your competition won’t do this.

5. You Don't Experiment!

When people come to me with ideas, usually my response is, “Try it.” Even if I know it won’t yield the best results for them, sometimes I allow them to experiment because the lessons they learn while experimenting are something my speech can’t teach. I can tell you how to ride a bike but until you actually ride one, you won’t know what it’s like to fall and balance yourself.

Too many people are afraid to take risks. Sometimes experimenting feels risky. But the learnings of each experiment supersede the liabilities you may take on.

You don’t know anything until you have tried and failed and then succeeded. You can’t teach experience. Experience comes from experimenting.

Every time you run an ad on some digital network, you are running an experiment. When you change the ad copy and A/B test you are experimenting. Many people never actually run an ad. People will spend thousands on college and never put even as much as $10 into advertising.

The education you get from experimenting with ads far exceeds that measly 10 bucks.

If you’ve read “Dominate Twitter”, then you know about the many experiments I’ve performed over the years and how much I love experimenting.

Experimenting means you tried. Some people never try anything. That’s why their life sucks.

6. Fear and Doubt Control You!

What’s the average lifespan of a piece of social media content. Less than 60 seconds! What you post right now people forget almost immediately. Too many people are afraid to post content they create because they are afraid of what people think. If you care what people think your life will suck and you will live your entire life with a boss.

Run towards fear, not away from it. If you fear doing something, that’s usually an indicator that you should probably do it. Your best content is the content you’re afraid to post.

I know a model who overthinks EVERYTHING! She won’t post on social media sometimes because lighting isn't right or some other arbitrary factor that becomes an excuse for procrastination.

Doubt is a barrier to success. The only thing you have to defeat is your mind. If you can defeat your negative thoughts you will unlock limitless potential. Only the fearless win!

Do I have fear and doubt? Absolutely! But fear and doubt are my indicators to hit the GO button! When I feel these fleeting emotions, I GO! I put my foot on the gas and speed to my goals!

Your life will only suck if you allow fear and doubt to control you. The most successful people are those who are daring. People who are held back by fear and doubt work for the daring of their society! Do you want to be a boss or a worker?

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