You're Killing Your YouTube Growth

5 Mistakes Are Killing Your Growth On YouTube (How to Fix)

One of the worst feelings you will get as a creator is seeing one of your videos perform horribly time and time again.

All of the YouTube experts are telling you to post content consistently without any sort of strategy.

"Just release content and provide value, bro!"

No shit, Sherlock!

These internet marketers have no idea what they're talking about. When you listen to Gary Vaynerchuk regularly, you're bound to hear lazy yet "motivating" advice that does nothing except provide you with false hope.

Bro you just gotta save 1/100th of a second to be efficient.

Sure, you should be "releasing content" and falling on your face as you release new videos, but why not just use strategies that are proven to work?

We will break down the 5 things you are doing wrong with your YouTube videos and how you can fix them, so you get the best results possible.

YouTube Video Mistake #1 Your Introductions to the Topic Are WAY TOO LONG.

Viewers hate it when you drag out the introduction, especially if it has nothing to do with the titles you promised the viewers within the title and thumbnail.

The watch time clock is ticking every time a viewer clicks on the video. If you fail to deliver, your videos will suffer.

Deliver a punchy and quick-to-the-point hook WITHOUT revealing too much information. You don't want to bore your viewers to death or spoil the whole video.

These are your viewers, if you're not making ASMR content then you've got a problem...

The first seconds are so important that even the title and thumbnail will not save you. Remember, YouTube favors creators that get high watch time and high session watch time (session watch time = how long a viewer stays on the YouTube platform.)

For example, if you're a channel that informs viewers on the news, go straight into what happened while mixing it with fear, drama, or mystery (or all 3.)

fear, drama, mystery youtube
You know what needs to be done, get to work!

If you're an entertainment-focused channel, start with something funny or shocking that you know will generate a reaction. For example, one of our clients, FreshandFit, uses girl kick-outs to their advantage. This event ALWAYS causes a positive response.

The combination of fear, drama, and mystery is a deadly combo guaranteed to get viewers to watch. (mystery = your "unknown" answer to the topic until they watch the entire video duration.)

That is why you will see viral YouTubers like Logan Paul or Mr.Beast do crazy shit at the beginning of each video. They're putting a carrot on a fishing hook and letting you bait yourself to watch until the last seconds of the video.

The moment you start watching you can't stop.

Successful YouTubers know how to properly hook a viewer without the "clickbait" complaint from its viewers.

For your next video, let's test out some new hooks. Start making bold statements, intense statements, or entertaining stunts. Pick one style and analyze what performs best. You'll know it works if you see your watch time going up and your comment section getting positive responses.

YouTube Video Mistake #2 Stop Creating Distracting Trailers For Your Intros

This is the shiny toy every creator loves to add to the introductions of their videos.

Unfortunately, most of your viewers will skip past it to get to the content you promised in the title and thumbnail. When we look at our client's stats, we notice a dip in watch time every time the trailer plays.

All of the time and money you spent creating a "cool" trailer for your channel is pretty much worthless.

Sure, intros contribute to your branding… Barely!

If you're going to make a trailer that markets your brand, make it 5 seconds MAX. Anything longer will cause steep dips in watch time.

Streams are a bit of a different story because you could maybe use them to hype your live viewers up before the show starts. But we can guarantee that your viewers watching the replay will skip past it.

Don't let your ego get in the way. Either get rid of it or make the trailer last 5 seconds or less.

YouTube Video Mistake #3 You're Going Off-Topic

This one should be pretty obvious, but it clearly isn't enough for many creators.

Most of your viewers don't care about your off-topic rants that have nothing to do with the titles.

Sure, streaming live could sometimes cause you to go off-topic. Still, it's generally a good idea to organize your thoughts into concise talking points.

If you promised to talk about building a business, you probably shouldn't go on a rant about your favorite sports team.

Here's a tip, either get a teleprompter for your scripted videos or write down a list of bullet points about the topic. Teleprompters allow you to read off a script word for word. Bullet-pointed notes are another way to organize your thoughts (this works the best for creators that know how to memorize and communicate their thoughts effortlessly.)

If you're streaming, get a notepad and write down everything you will mention while live.

Make sure you're organized, you'll feel better before going live.

Some of your loyal viewers will love your off-topic rants, but most of your new viewers will not. If new viewers do not enjoy it, you could limit your channel's reach to new audiences.

Your goal should always be to replenish your channel with fresh faces. Avoid plateauing AT ALL COSTS. This is especially true if you are trying to get new leads to your online business.

YouTube Video Mistake #4 You Are Concluding Your Videos Wrong

STOP using exit language IMMEDIATELY. This is the fastest way to lose viewers.

What is exit language? Exit language is when you hint that the video is about to end as the video is concluding.

Exit Language YouTube
People automatically tune out when they realize the show is over.

For example, as the video is reaching a conclusion, you begin to say:

  • "So, guys…"
  • "Before we end this video..."
  • "As we wrap this video up…."

Viewers are not dumb; they know exactly when the video will end just with a few simple words. Once they find out, they will either exit YouTube or watch another channel's video. This results in less watch time and less overall session watch time.

Suppose you look at a video that uses exit language. In that case, you will notice the conclusion has a steep dip in the audience retention graph within YouTube Studio.

You need to cut the video off IMMEDIATELY. Pull the rug underneath your viewers. Your viewer should have no idea when the video is about to end.

YouTube Video Mistake #5 You Forget to Use The Endscreen Elements

This one boggles our minds. Elements should be placed in all of your videos. This is the easiest way to boost your watch time and grow your channel exponentially.

As you are concluding the video WITHOUT EXIT LANGUAGE… You will pull the rug underneath your viewer, then hit them with a past video related to the video you are filming.

If the viewer clicks on the video, their click will help you gain more watch time through your binge-watching habit.

The goal is to get people to watch your channel as if it's a Netflix TV Series.

As they watch more videos, the higher likelihood your viewer will stay hooked to your channel and return to watch more.

You can also add playlists and websites to your end screens.

Playlists are great because they are designed to autoplay the next video in your playlist, which gives you another opportunity to rack up your watch time. All you would need to do is convince your videos to watch your playlist at the very end.

Playlists are great for people who just want to binge watch your content.

Website elements can also get added to your end screen, allowing you to drive more traffic to your articles, fundraisers, products, services, etc.

Just make sure the site is YouTube community guideline friendly, and you should be able to plug it in at the end of your video.


There are many ways you can optimize your videos simply by observing the current mistakes you are making and adjusting.

It’s time to stop posting videos just to get the video up and start making videos that implement good strategies that get results.

You need to do 5 things to film and edit a successful video:

1. Make your video intros shorter and concise.

2. Either get rid of your intro trailers or make them 5 seconds MAX.

3. Stop yourself from going off-topic and stay on subject.

4. Stop using exit language to conclude your videos.

5. Start using end screen elements to drive more watch time and traffic to your websites.

These 5 tips do not guarantee that you’ll get instant success, however, you will see impressive outcomes long term.

However, there’s one thing that we can usually guarantee you can achieve within 12 months.

That’s the 100,000 subscriber plaque.

So make sure to hit the red button down below and we’ll sit down together to grow your channel and make YouTube as effortless as possible for you.

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