3 Secrets to Controlling Your Sexual Energy

3 Secrets to Controlling Your Sexual Energy

The Allure of Distraction

One of our biggest sources of energy as human beings is our sexual energy. We get a constant flow of energy from the Universe that drives us to create. We use it to create life, structures, systems, relationships, and more. In fact, this is how our species continues to grow and thrive into the future.

However, when we are not able to control our energy, we can easily be led astray. That’s why things like sexy Instagram models, internet porn, hot girls in bikinis on commercials, and any sort of the like can be so distracting. If you’re not careful these distractions can hijack your potent powerful sexual energy and carry you off into the abyss.

The Sacred Science

Luckily, there are some tools that exist which can help us control, enhance, and transmute our energies in productive and beneficial ways. One of the most potent of these tools is the ancient Indian science and art of Tantra.

Tantra, very simply, translates as technology. Like any technology, let’s take nuclear energy for example, it can be used for beneficial or destructive purposes. By itself, it is neutral, but how it is used determines its meaning and power.

In the west, we have come to know Tantra as a sexual discipline. Orgies, sexual promiscuity, sexual positions that resemble pretzels…when one thinks of Tantra, these are usually the images that come into mind.

The Pleasure of Discipline

To be clear, sex is a part of Tantra. But it is actually a very small part. Once you get past that level, a whole new world of spiritual living opens up to the practitioner. The reason, in my opinion, that this happens, is because sex is so fundamental to who we are. Until we get that part of our life handled, it can be more difficult to go onto to deeper things.

That’s why I like to say..

“Come for the sex, stay for the enlightenment.”

Andy Eversole - The Tantric Male

Regaining control of your sexual energy doesn’t happen overnight. Because we have been so conditioned to do the opposite, it can take some time and practice to get your power back. But once you do, wow! You’ll never want to go back. Life will be become very different for you, and you may even ask yourself, “What took me so long to do this?”

But don’t worry. You are here now. So let’s get started.

Secret 1) - Separating the Ideas of Orgasm and Ejaculation

As men, we have to be mindful and intentional with our sexual energy. Each time we ejaculate, we are releasing our most potent energy source. Semen retention, which basically means not ejaculating, is one of the ways that we will build, enhance, transmute, and ultimately control our sexual energies and urges.

One of the ways to this is by separating the ideas of orgasm and ejaculation. Now, I know this can be a challenge. Because since we were little, we have been conditioned to believe that they are the same thing. Let’s go ahead and dispel that myth now.

Ejaculation has one primary purpose…to create life. To have a baby. To fertilize the egg.

Orgasm on the other hand, has infinite purposes.

Energetic climaxes. Powerful bonding and melting into one with your partner. A connection to God and dissolving into the Universe. This is the orgasm. And it need not be accompanied with ejaculation. In fact, the latter can become an obstacle to your spiritual growth.

A great way to start practicing this is by using the Tao equation for semen retention. Take 20% of your age, and that is how many days, ideally, you should go between ejaculations. So, if you’re 30, multiply that by .2, and you get 6 days. This is a great starting point for one to begin this powerful and ancient practice.

Secret 2) - Shoring Up Your Energy Leaks and Distractions

We all have habits that don’t serve our highest purpose. But the people who are happiest and accomplish the most in our world, seem to have fewer of these energy leaks. Start taking a look at your own life and discover where your energy is being wasted.

As you start practicing semen retention, you are going to start feeling a surplus of energy. This does you no good if you spend that energy on things like pornography, Netflix, or endless partying.

Be honest with yourself and find those things in your life that are a waste of your precious energy. Once you find them, you can begin to eliminate them. The more you practice Tantra, the more you will find the strength and discipline to direct your energy in powerful and productive ways. But you must first name the enemy before you can fight it.

Secret 3) - Shift Your Focus From the Goal to the Process

One of the amazing benefits of practicing Tantra is the full presence of the “here and now” that you will experience. When you let go of the destination, you are free to enjoy the process. And in the process is where this beautiful, magic, present moment exists.

It’s essential to think about what you want. Set goals, have dreams and desires. Decide what your guiding principles are. These things will be your roadmap, your guides moving forward into the life you want. Developing a vibrant image of what you are aiming for is extremely powerful.

But after you’ve done that, then let it go. Reward yourself for doing the action that is leading to the goal, rather than the goal itself.

For example, many men have the goal of orgasmic ejaculation when having sex. We’ve been conditioned to believe that this the ending of a sexual experience. When you take that “ending” out of the equation, you become incredibly free.

You are free to explore. Free to enjoy. Free to experience ecstatic pleasure and profound connection with your lover and the Universe.

Existing In the Infinite

The present moment is where the Infinite lives. And the more you shift your focus to the process, the more you will inhabit the Infinite.

Tantra guides the way on this incredible path forward.

When you're ready to back control of your sexual energy and use it to power your entire life, my book, The Tantric Male, will teach you exactly that. If you are brand new to Tantra, and would simply like to find out more, then start with my Free Beginner's Guide HERE.

Explore and Enjoy!

Andy Eversole


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