Men: The Only Hope For Humanity

Men: The Only Hope For Humanity

Many are Called, Few are Chosen

You’ve sensed it for a while now. Something’s not right. The world as we once knew it is gone, a distant memory. So what are you going to do about it?

Complain about it on the internet and argue with trolls? Are you going to distract yourself with bread and circuses? Numb yourself with drunkenness and hope it goes away, or that a mysterious hero comes and saves you from it?

That voice you hear, and that tug you feel, that’s you being called to something greater. Will you answer that call? Will you be chosen to fight alongside this generation’s great warriors?

Knowing how you’re supposed to answer these questions is the easy part. Following through, stepping into that responsibility, and living up to that answer is what separates the men from the boys.


Men of Order

“I’d rather charge up a hill with a handful of warriors than drag thousands mired in mediocrity, up the hill by myself.”

Since we launched this project roughly a year ago and launched the site nine months ago, we’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of incredibly talented and driven men.

Some have participated consistently, some more sporadically, along with others who have stepped away to focus on individual projects. But all remain a part of this incredible family and army.

The challenges we face require us all to be at our best and making the most of our talents and passions. So it is easy for me to appreciate these men taking time to sharpen their axes.

“Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not.“

We are at War

It’s not a question of if we will have to fight for our very existence or even when. We are at war and the time is now. Open war has been declared on the foundations and fabric of humanity.

Masculinity. The patriarchy. The nuclear family.

Hell, even greatness is self is under attack. The only acceptable disposition for men these days is soft, complacent, complicit mediocrity. And I for one will have none of it.

But have you even woken up enough to recognize that we are at war? Because if you have not, you can go ahead and stop reading now. What follows does not apply to you. Good day.

Who are our Enemies?

It would be very easy to point to the host of negative externalities and come up with an extensive list of supposed enemies. We all see the agendas, we all see the powers collaborating and colluding to exploit the either unsuspecting or seemingly helpless mob.

But I submit to you that the enemy is ourselves.

We are where we are because we, MEN, have been complacent, domesticated, and placated by luxury for far too long. We have allowed ourselves to become fat and sedated. That ends now. Your enemy is within you.

But there is good news. Outstanding news actually! The hero you seek is inside you as well if you dare release it from the shackles you have placed around its limbs. It is time for you to stop being so soft and instead unleash the beast within you.

Who are our Allies?

Once you start to step into your own power, strength, and sense of adventure as a man, you cannot help but recognize all the men around you who are doing the same. These men you once envied, you now see as allies, mentors, and even peers. Now is the time to level up and multiply your power by joining the fight and eagerly entering into alliance with them.

You are not alone and, if you are man enough to step into the arena, the true warriors of humanity will recognize that and will happily welcome you to the fight.

What Weapons will Defeat our Enemies?

Sure, the building blocks of humanity have been under severe attack over the last several decades. Continuing to play defense and push back no longer works against an overwhelming force. If we continue, we may as well go into the fetal position and die. The answer isn’t to merely protect the last shreds of all that was good from utter destruction.

When you fight not to lose, you’re not fighting to win. And the way you win it, is not merely by countering punches, but by going on the offensive and fighting the fight on your own terms.

At Men of Order, we are not here to ONLY build an alternative to the corrupt corporate media. We are here to build a source of fuel and inspiration to reignite the hearts and souls of men to be the warriors and kings they were destined to be.

The greatest weapon in this war we can use is the unstoppable courage and purpose of men constantly moving towards their utmost potential—Men of ORDER.

We must Strengthen Ourselves and our Weapons.

For 300 articles now, the writers and contributors have offered insight into wealth building, nutrition, exercise, mate selection, survival, building culture, leveraging technology to your benefit, and host of other avenues to bring out the best in you.

And even after a year of building, we’re just getting started. Trust me. The next year of this project is going to blow you away. If you aren’t already building yourself, get started now so that you can be not only strong enough to pull your own weight, but to contribute in a meaningful way. We have the next few generations of men to train so we can put this ship back on course.

Get your diet right. Get in the gym and start building muscle. Get your mind right and decide what you want your legacy to be. Get your money right and stop pissing it away on frivolous nonsense. Start investing in your kingdom. Hone your skills and learn new ones.

We are going to need every bit of help we can muster.

We must keep our Wits about us.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping abreast of what is going on in the world and taking some time to sit back and recharge our batteries with entertainment and sports. But don’t let it consume you and take your eye off the ball. You have great things to accomplish and anything that is not helping you get closer to your ultimate fulfillment is probably not worth the time.

It’s time to slay the enemy within you otherwise this world will eat you alive.

We must Prepare for Battle.

Now that we have recognized that war is upon us, indentified who the enemy is, who our allies are, and what weapons will defeat this enemy, it’s time to begin to work together to build the kingdom that will not only be fortified against this enemy, but will stretch into the heart and soul of every man who wants to be free.

Malcolm X told us, “if you are not ready to die for it, take the word freedom out of your vocabulary.“ In the meantime, though, it’s time to undergo the much more difficult task of LIVING for freedom.

Are you worthy and ready to join this army?

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