The Ab Annihilator: Cassius Cam’s WOD

The Ab Annihilator: Cassius Cam’s WOD

Core Crushing: Your Ultimate Ab Routine

Workout by Cassius Cam

In today's installment of Cassius Cam's WOD, we're zeroing in on the core—an oft-overlooked yet crucial component of any comprehensive fitness plan.

While compound lifts lay the foundation for core strength, targeted abdominal exercises are essential for enhancing stability and overall physical health.

Equipped with a cable machine, pull-up bar, ab wheel, and reverse hyper machine, this routine promises to challenge and strengthen your core like never before.

Designed to complement your regular weight training, these exercises focus on super sets to maximize intensity and effectiveness, laying the groundwork for a stronger, more resilient core.

Now is the perfect time to sculpt your abs, ensuring you're beach-ready and beyond.

Equipment Needed

  • Cable machine
  • Pull up bar
  • Ab Wheel 
  • Reverse Hyper Machine 


Perform this routine after your normally scheduled weight training days.


You will be performing three separate super sets.

Super sets are two separate exercises performed back to back with no rest.

Russian twist x Hanging leg raise: 3x20 reps each 

Ab wheel x Bicycle crunch: 3x20 reps each 

Cable crunch x Reverse hyper: 3x20 reps each 

Rest 1-2 minutes between sets.


Just like any other muscle group, your abs respond to progressive overload.

Adding weight to your cable crunches, reverse hypers and Russian twists over time will surely get your core right.

Adequate core strength is paramount and helps prevent injury when performing heavy compound lifts.

Spring is almost here.  Start carving out those abs now.  That way you’re dialed in when it’s time to hit the beach. 

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