What Alex Becker Can Teach Us About YouTube Marketing

What Alex Becker Can Teach Us About YouTube Marketing

From marketing advice to cryptocurrency, Alex Becker has a way with words that connects people to his content. He uses the 'haters' to generate attention by shutting them down and telling them how wrong they are. People love drama and enjoy listening to why others are wrong about something.

Alex cuts straight to the chase and offers valuable content on YouTube

Alex gives no-BS advice and drops you straight into the meat of his content as soon as you click on his videos. He engages his audience with a serious tone, followed by sarcasm while providing value to his viewers.

Alex embraces his ego by making bold statements about his beliefs on YouTube, by taking a stance on YouTube that will polarize his audience. Having a perspective is critical because people usually feel strongly about people who have strong opinions. This is an excellent strategy content creators should be employ on almost every YouTube channel.

Have an opinion and stand by it. People will want to debate you in your comments section and even make response videos about why you're right or wrong. This is what you want, even if it sounds somewhat abrasive. YouTube and social media, in general, are all about generating attention and then finding a way to monetize that attention.

This allows the relationship between you and your audience to grow, you give them more value, and they pay you for your time. In Alex's case, he's not necessarily monetizing his YouTube channel much currently, but he absolutely could if he wanted to.

Alex Becker lets his ego run wild on video, enabling him to be more opinionated and say more thought-provoking statements. Depending on your YouTube channel, you should let your ego be free and say what you want to say. This will create debates with sections of your audience. Remember, if they love you or hate you, that doesn't matter. What matters is the value that you give. You should be adding your piece to the conversation.

Don't Be Afraid To Express Your Opinion On YouTube.

Who is Alex?

He is the most woke, most successful business advice guy on YouTube, also a billionaire with a fantastic body!

You might be rolling your eyes right now…

Alex uses this intro throughout most of his videos to introduce himself and hook his viewers with sarcasm and humor.

Most woke, empty house, billionaire, trillionaire YouTube guy...

Alex is NOT woke, the most successful marketer, and a billionaire with a fantastic body. However, he understands marketing very well, builds successful businesses, and makes lots of money.

So why does Alex say these things? Is he trying to be funny? Is he trying to make himself look like an alpha Chad?

Yes and no…

Alex tries to be the counterculture to today's business "influencer" space.

He's very opinionated and humorous; however, he uses logic and stories to back up his thoughts.

Having an opinion on YouTube IS SUPER IMPORTANT.

The biggest mistake any YouTube creator can make is not having an opinion. Opinions build up your character and attract like-minded people.

Viewers need to see themselves in you through the content you release.

In Alex's situation, he uses his disgust for the influencer culture (after going through it himself) and packaging it in videos that explain how to run a business and invest in crypto without the social media glamor.

If a new viewer watched Alex's videos, they would see him acting weird, making bold statements, sometimes wearing shades, all while presenting himself with confidence and humor.

Viewers want education and entertainment. Alex takes complicated business concepts and dumbs it down for casual viewers to understand a personality you would NEVER see in a corporate environment.

In some ways, he presents himself similar to Pewdiepie for the business space.

Making business entertaining is challenging for most YouTubers; that is why most business-focused channels struggle to generate significant amounts of engagement.

They struggle because too many of these creators will present information without adding some spice to it.

The EASIEST way to spice up your content is by adding your opinion on a subject. Don't worry about angering viewers that lash back because there will be more people supporting you than disagreeing with what you said.

Viewers hate getting lectured on business concepts like it's a college seminar. Instead, they want to feel a spike of emotion, whether it's good or bad.

How does Alex spice up his video? He talks about video games, gives his thoughts on business figures, promotes minimalism, attacks influencer marketers, and makes fun of internet trolls.

This helps him build a cult following that will repeat the words he says, purchase his merch, follow his business lessons, and sometimes invest money into his ad tracking software, Hyros.

Learn How To Design Clickbait YouTube Thumbnails and Titles That Deliver Value

Do you want to see some serious YouTube thumbnail and title game?

Check out Alex Becker's thumbnails.

Alex combines simple graphic design along with expert-level copywriting to catch your attention.

How does he do it? Alex Becker might have spilled all of the secret sauce by accident in one of his Facebook ad videos.

Alex explained the most advanced thumbnail and title strategy EVERY creator should understand (IN 6 WORDS!)…

Alex Becker YouTube
Always hook their attention on YouTube

Hook the eye.

Create a question.

That's it!

What does this mean? It means that your thumbnail needs to catch the viewer's attention through the picture, color, and emotion, along with the title that creates a question and triggers the viewer's curiosity.

You might be looking at Alex's thumbnails right now and start scratching your head…

Yes, Alex's graphic design skills do need some work!

However, it doesn't matter because he uses his copywriting wizardry to grab your click!

So if you are preventing yourself from starting a YouTube channel because you think your Photoshop or Canva skills suck… Don't worry because you can always look at Alex's thumbnail designs to make yourself feel better! (And then take inspiration)

You don't need to be a master graphic designer to get viewers to click on your thumbnail. Keep it simple and learn good copywriting!

Alex explained in his video that in all of his YouTube and Facebook graphics, he tries to create one focal point with nothing in the background that is distracting.

With one focal point, the viewer's attention is solely placed on the person or object in the thumbnail. Alex is always the focal point for each of his thumbnails.

He will usually use a simple background, whether it's a white wall, darkroom, or a blurred-out background.

Then, he will add ridiculous amounts of emotion to emphasize his feeling towards the topic he will explain.

DON'T make the mistake of putting in too many distracting images in the background. Find one focal point, whether that's yourself, someone famous, or an object related to the topic you will present.

Remember, the point of the thumbnail is to quickly hook the viewer, have them read the title, and then click video.

Here's a mistake that MOST creators make on YouTube thumbnails and titles....

You reveal too much information to the viewer!

We commonly see YouTubers add lines of text in the thumbnail and title that explains the whole video.

Why would you tell your viewer all of the valuable information you plan to present??

It doesn't make any sense!

How do you fix this problem? Do what Alex does by making your thumbnails emotional, simple, and SUPER MYSTERIOUS.

People want to see the weird and questionable statement, not the obvious answer!

Let's look at Alex Becker's top-performing video...

Alex Becker YouTube
Alex Becker knows how to capture a viewer's attention in blunt YouTube thumbnails.

Thumbnail: Do This For 3 Hours Or Die Poor

Title: This Isn't Fun, But It Makes Me $2k A Hour.

Notice the pattern?

Thumbnail = Hook to the eye with a big, bold statement, bright blue eyes, extreme emotion, and FOMO (fear of missing out.)

Title = Created a simple 10-word question that makes you wonder what is Alex doing for 3 hours that makes him 2,000 dollars in one hour?


Figure Out The Best Ways To Retain Your YouTube Viewers Attention

Watch time is the most important indicator that will determine your success on YouTube.

How does Alex do it?

As a full time YouTuber, Alex finds new ways to deliver content to his audience.

He will deliver his ridiculous hook, get serious, summarize the topic, pull up his sketching software, Miro, to further discuss his lesson. Then end his video with a powerful statement and finally give his viewers a call to action.

Alex has repeated this routine throughout his whole YouTube career, and so should you.

Don't copy his exact style; instead, figure out a way to hook your viewers and retain their attention with this scripting strategy:

Hook, story, offer.

Let's go over how Alex uses the hook, story, and offer in his video, "Selling All My Bitcoin For This April Gem."

Hook: Alex will introduce himself with his bright orange sunglasses and his puppy, Scoots. He will jokingly state that Elon Musk tweeted and declared Alex Becker the king of crypto. And finally, end his intro with the topic within 57 seconds.

Notice how ridiculous this intro was? He declared himself the king of crypto, stated that his dog is the creator of Dogecoin and that everyone on the internet knows who he is. Do something similar to entertain and catch your audience's attention, so it doesn't seem like a boring lecture.

Story: Alex makes a bold statement by saying that he sold all of his Ethereum and Bitcoin and then elaborated on the results by pulling up Coinmarketcap and Twitter. After he analyzes the graph, he will pull up the sketching software Miro to elaborate on what's happening in the crypto market.

The drawings are used to keep the viewer's attention. His videos are straightforward. He sits down at his desk, tells stories, and draws out a bunch of scribbles. Doodling is proven to help viewers pay attention to the message and recall specific details.

You don't have to copy what Alex is doing to retain his audience's attention. Instead, come up with different ways to keep your viewers watching. You could maybe add in some zoom in zoom outs to your videos, add b-roll, sketch out your thoughts on a whiteboard or Post-it, and if you have excellent speaking skills, tell a story that will prevent viewers from clicking on the following video.

Offer: Alex ends his video telling viewers to follow him on Twitter and to buy the Scoot NFT's, which "will be flipping for a lot of money pretty soon."

Every video should have an offer at the end. Whether that's to watch the following video, subscribe to an email list, or purchase a product or service coming out soon.

Alex always makes a bold statement in any argument he creates on YouTube

There are two ways of recommending viewers.

The first way is to have viewers click on the following video related to the topic you discussed. Use this tactic if you are trying to increase your viewer, subscriber, and watch time rates. This video is usually entertainment-focused and doesn't provide too much value.

The second way is to have viewers click on the URL that links back to an email list opt-in page or a product/service you are pushing to sell. These videos are usually more educational and have a "salesy" feeling to them, so don't expect these videos to get massive amounts of views compared to the entertainment-focused content (Use this method to make more money!)

The offer will depend on the type of video you are filming. For most beginner YouTubers, you will not have an email list or a product/service you are selling. So we would recommend having the call to action be to watch an old video that you filmed (if you don't have any videos, tell viewers to subscribe.)

However, you need to start thinking about collecting leads and having a collection of videos that you can begin to recommend.


Alex Becker has a talent for combining all the necessary skills that create a good YouTube channel. You already know exactly what you're in for when you see one of Alex Becker's videos. Ego, insults, and value. Usually, in that order, this makes his content entertaining as well as educational.

Always remember to hook in your audience first, tell them a story, and offer them more value. Although Alex doesn't charge for any courses these days, the process is still the same.

Always be aiming to present the topic in more of a mysterious manner through your thumbnails and titles. As shown, by taking one look at Alex's channel, you can see that every single piece of content has some element of mystery to it.

Alex always connects with his audience on a personal level when providing value on YouTube.

While the value he provides is complex, his content isn't. I mean, he's hoodie talking about cryptocurrency or drawing stuff on a whiteboard that makes almost no sense.

Many think that to have a successful YouTube operation, you need super fancy content. While this does work, Alex has clearly shown that it can be done on a budget in an empty apartment space.

Overall, taking these ideas and techniques that Alex uses can surge your YouTube channel into higher success.

If you're curious about understanding more about YouTube marketing, there are many ways to optimize, just like Alex Becker does.

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