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Slaves to Big Tech Algorithms

Big tech algorithms rule the day. There are two obvious groups affected by the algorithms. Content consumers and content creators.

Consumer Algorithm Slaves

You, the consumer, are enslaved by the algorithm through addiction. You are fed what you like. The machine knows you. It collects your data and even listens to your real-life conversations to understand you better.

Based upon the type of content you engage with it feeds you more of that. And so, you scroll. Before you realize it an hour has passed. And your life has passed you by. Precious moments have been stolen from you or you have donated them to Big Tech.

The bite-sized pieces of video content destroy your attention span. This contributes to your inability to focus and concentrate. You are spoiled or pampered by these short videos. You can no longer stand to watch anything longer than 10 minutes; in most cases 10 seconds.

Your consciousness is shrinking.

Creator Algorithm Slaves

Instagram "models" have recently been complaining about the algorithm on the Meta platform. Their photos do not get the same engagement as their 'reels.' Now, with Instagram trying to compete with TikTok, their algorithm favors the TikTok-like video format, "reels." These "models" are now posting their photos under "reels."

Recently, I saw that the algorithm gives preferential treatment to "reels" that are 15 seconds or less. Obviously, the average content creator will conform to the algorithm and make shorter videos.

What will I do?

I will NOT conform! Today, I posted a video that was over 1-minute long and I don't care. Meta can do whatever they want with their algorithm. As a creator, I will not compromise the weight of my content for extra likes and comments.

I believe that great content is going to be shared regardless. And great content will always find its way to the right eyes and ears. Andrew Tate showed us that you can beat the algorithm.

We have a choice to either conform to the algorithm or make the algorithm conform to us. Big Tech wants to make more money. Shorter videos mean more content is consumed which means more ads can be placed in front of a consumer.

But, the algorithm will feed the lowest class of humans; the mindless. While my long content will nourish the brains of our best minds.

Will we create a population of thinkers or drones? Without the content creator, BigTech is nada! Content creators are the creators of culture. Whether they accept it or not, they are responsible for where humanity goes.

Andrew Breitbart said, "Politics is downstream from culture." If you don't like the political climate then maybe you need to take a look at the culture you contribute to. Are you contributing to the dumbing down of humanity or are you contributing to a raise in consciousness?

If content creators do not conform to the bite-sized format the algorithm prefers then Big Tech will have to adjust. I saw make them adjust. Play the long game.

People say I'm shadowbanned. Even my emails are flagged by Google. What is my response? I DON'T CARE! Their little algorithms can't stop real life from happening. They'll need to send the Gestapo for that.

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