Anti-Vax or Anti Tyranny? Here's the Problem with Mandatory Vax Jabs

Anti-Vax or Anti Tyranny? Here's the Problem with Mandatory Vax Jabs

The COVID vaccine has been the topic of discussion lately. In early October, President Biden mandated that all federal employees be vaccinated. The federal government sets the precedent for what's considered normal. Thus, states oftentimes follow suit with restrictions and it's up to governors to upend the system. Not just forced vaccinations but mask mandates too.

Governors like Kristi Noem, Ron DeSantis, and Greg Abbott have led the way in opposing these restrictions. It's a beautiful fight when individual states take up the mantle of defending our liberties.

COVID Vaccine Mandates

Vaccines in and of themselves are no problem. However, forcing workers (especially low-wage workers) to get the jab ain't right! People shouldn't be shunned for forgoing the jab because of religious reasons or preference. If America truly is the land of the free, then my rights don't end where your rights begin. Meaning that if you exercise your right to jump off a cliff, I don't have to too. There's people who get the vaccine because of old age and preexisting conditions. That's perfectly fine. But, forced vaccinations are unfair and unconstitutional.

It's also just not smart to do practically. Their is no one-size fits all regarding health. What works for one person may not work for another. It's surprising that so many people don't see the wrong in mandated vaccinations. The reverse of this also exists; Meaning those who can't see why some people would have to comply with the forced vax.

Earlier this month, Tim Pool tweeted "No one who claims to oppose vaccine mandates who then went and got vaccinated due to fear of losing their job or money actually opposes mandates." Very tone deaf! People in the hood working three or four jobs to feed their family have no choice. We can't all sit on our ass politically commentating all day.

Vaccine Passport...Bans?

The thought that something like this would happen in America was otherworldly for many. In Florida (state where all the crazy shit happens) Governor DeSantis introduced a vaccine passport ban. This law even imposed a $5,000 fine of cities, counties, and employers who violated it. More states should follow suit with this standing up against tyranny.

COVID Vaccine Impact on Culture

Newsflash: Your vaccine status is not a personality trait. Nor is it a political statement. Vaccine status used to be considered personal information. Now, it's acceptable to ask a total stranger this during small talk. It's even something to brag about. At its core, it feels very cliquey and elitist to segregate our society on the basis of vaccination status.

We are not alone together. We are not saving lives by staying home. We've done this for eighteen months straight already. The infinite feeling of this pandemic has worn down and eroded public trust more than public health. Many companies followed suit with what the federal government did. The CEO of Southwest airlines Gary Kelly has enacted vaccine mandates for pilots. A vaccine that wasn't even FDA approved for a long time.

The story was that the pilots boycotted and walked out. But, that hasn't ever been confirmed. No doubt, airlines can't survive without pilots. So, if this had really happened it has caused many companies to renege on these draconian policies. They only do it because people let them. I say all this to say that people need to take charge and remember who this government works for. The few people who ask questions and do their due diligence with research are gaslighted. They're gaslighted and labeled "antivaxxers", "heretics", and ignorant. Nonetheless, these same folks need to learn how to drive culture better. Ultimately, they'll regret it in the future.

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