Apocalypse-Ready Fitness: Cassius Cam's WOD

Apocalypse-Ready Fitness: Cassius Cam's WOD

Workout by Cassius Cam

This workout is NOT for the faint of heart. 

It is a high volume, high intensity routine designed to improve your work capacity, muscle endurance and explosiveness. 

Equipment Needed

  • Trap Bar
  • Straight bar (You will be performing overhead press, find a squat rack)
  • Medicine Ball


Hop on a rowing machine and keep a good pace for 10 minutes.  The goal is to break a light sweat.  Follow this up with a 5 minute dynamic stretch, emphasizing shoulder mobility.


Position the trap bar and medicine ball close to the squat rack.  Each exercise will be 8 reps performed as a circuit.

Trap bar deadlifts: Focus on hip extension, driving from your heels and pinning your shoulders back at the top of each rep.

Overhead Press: Keep shoulder width foot placement and focus on explosion as soon as the bar hits your chest.

Medicine Ball Slams: Drop your butt, lift the medicine ball overhead and slam it into the ground as hard as humanly possible. 

Perform 8 sets total with a 2 minute rest between sets.  Adjust weights as needed to maintain proper form.


This workout is excellent for building explosive endurance and mental fortitude.  People might look at you crazy when you start slamming that medicine ball…. But who cares? You’ll be ready for the apocalypse in no time. 

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