Bulletproof Back Day: Cassius Cam's WOD

Bulletproof Back Day: Cassius Cam's WOD

WOD by Cassius Cam

In this session, we’re chasing that pump by focusing on "Back Day", a cornerstone in men's fitness routines.

This session is designed to sculpt a strong, resilient back, contributing significantly to overall physical prowess and functional strength.

Aimed at those who are serious about elevating their physique, this workout combines intensity with technique to target the back muscles effectively.

With a mix of traditional lifts and innovative exercises, it’s perfect for individuals looking to enhance their muscular endurance and add mass.

Prepare to push your limits and achieve remarkable gains with this high volume back workout to add some mass to that turtle shell.

Equipment Needed

Full gym access is required to complete this workout.

Cable machine, squat rack w/ pins, land mine etc.

(If your gym doesn’t have a land mine, you can use a dumbbell to hold down the empty end of the straight bar)


Hop on a row machine for 5-10 minutes to break a light sweat.  Follow it up with some resistance band work to activate your back muscles.
  • Face pulls: 3x15
  • Pull aparts: 3x15
  • Shoulder dislocates: 3x15


  • Chin-ups: 3x failure (slow and controlled)
  • Rack Pull: 3x8
  • Land mine row: 5x5
  • Single arm cable row: 3x8 (each arm)
  • Wide grip seated row x Rear Delt Fly: 3x10x15 (super set)




If you cannot perform chin-ups, use a weight assisted pull up machine. If your gym doesn’t have that, perform supinated lat pull downs.


Building and maintaining muscle mass is vital for optimal health. Strength training regularly is especially beneficial for bone density as you age.

As always, thoroughly stretch after every workout to maximize benefits and reduce risk of injury.

Let’s get swole! 
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